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Busy Busy Busy!

We had quite the weekend. I love getting out and being social over the weekends, but sometimes too much is just too much. If you know what I mean. I am just exhausted today.

So let’s see. Friday we had a playgroup turned playdate at our house (someone was sick so they had to bail last minute). One of the Heathers (there are a few in the neighborhood) brought over her little girl Abby, who is almost three, and is a total riot. Constant entertainment. It was a lot of fun but for some reason I was totally pooped after they left. Probably because I’m psycho and have to have the house sterilized and insist on having all kinds of munchies and stuff for the kids. So the prep time adds to it, not to mention the lack of sleep because of our little teething fool.

Friday night EZ and I had a date night planned – and I was pretty psyched because I have had very little time away from the baby lately and very little time with EZ. So we went out for dinner at a new little pizza joint near our favorite movie theater. After dinner we went to Target to pick up some baby food and I started to feel a little cruddy. So we ran home (since we were like a mile away) and I took something and we were off. Well, as soon as we pulled into the theater parking lot I knew I wasn’t going to make it through a movie. It was a bad night for me. Must have been food poisoning. Somehow I still had to get up a half a dozen times with the baby through that night and get up the next morning and feed the baby while EZ slept in until 9 … I’m not going to let EZ live that one down. EVER.

Saturday was relatively relaxing… not really. Doing laundry and regular weekend tasks and running to the mall to check out china patterns (my mother-in-law wants us to so that someday we can host dinner at our house – when we eventually get a dining room table). Saturday night we went out for an early dinner with our good friends Kristin & John – who hadn’t had a chance to meet Jack yet. They picked the perfect place that was very kid friendly and noisy so that when Jack threw a mini temper tantrum no one even noticed. It was soo good to see them! They are so good with Jack and are going to someday be really great parents.

Sunday brunch with the in-laws and EZ’s brother and sister-in-law. First time we have had a chance to see them in quite a while. It was great to see them though. All in all it was a great weekend. But I still wasn’t feeling 100% by last night – from Friday. So I feel like I really over-did it.

I almost forgot the important stuff. Somebody has another tooth coming in – on top! Not to gloat or anything… but it is supposed to be 75 degrees here today and I am so excited!!


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Sometimes I imagine the inner dialogue…
Hmm… let’s read some books.

Ok, mom, got my books.

Ooh, I love this one… but why on Earth would they try to talk him out of the zoo and into the carnival? Haven’t they ever heard of carnies?

Enough with the camera Mumma! You’re supposed to be reading to me!

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Whether it’s just hanging out, or…
goofing around, or…

helping Daddy finish up his drink – being with Daddy is so much fun!

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This morning I had a dream that all of JZ’s teeth came in. All of them. And they were all crooked and weird looking. Strange. Anyway, so I brought him in bed with me around six so I could get another hour of sleep and when he woke up he started playing with my hands. He grabbed one of my fingers and bit it and HOLY COW… there were teeth. Two on the bottom. So, they’re just barely coming in. You can see them sort of poking out and I can definitely feel them. I can’t believe it, he’s growing up so fast. Before we know it he’ll be talking… wait! He is… well, sort of. I put him in his high chair while I was making his breakfast this morning and he said Mumma! Ok, so I know he has no idea what it means but he definitely said it.

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Just a few updates on what’s been going on with us… not much, but I’ve got a couple of cute pics anyway!

Jack got a new high chair! Woo Hoo! And he loves it! Yee Ha! And it matches mommy’s kitchen perfectly! Bonus! I know, I’m nuts.

Jack and I got to spend the whole day with Daddy on Saturday! This probably sounds nuts, but EZ has been crazy busy at work lately and so he has hardly seen Jack (or me really) at all this week. So, anyway, Saturday was great. We had all kinds of fun going to check out pumpkins, shopping at the mall (for Daddy!), and hanging out. Isn’t it crazy how much you appreciate your significant other after a week without them?

Last week we were “Booed”. This is a neighborhood thing that they do every year and it pretty much involves putting a bag full of goodies on your neighbor’s porch and ringing the doorbell and running before they can see you. Once you’ve been “Booed” you put a sign on your door so everyone knows you’ve been booed. So I usually hate this so much. Mainly because before this year we were never Booed, because we didn’t have kids (and really, it’s for the kids). And well, we were usually one of the only people on our street that didn’t get booed. Anyway, so I always felt left out… not really I just wanted some other kinds of candy besides the stuff at our house that I was getting tired of. So we were booed – Woo Hoo! And I let Jack play with a Twix bar until I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to take it from him and eat it. What? He can’t have chocolate until he is at least a year old!!

Ok, so I know this one is really fuzzy but I just had to show it. I had just finished up giving Jack his bath and decided maybe I’d do a few six month photos with the digital camera and so I put him on my bed. I had a burp cloth under him and pulled it away and literally went to take the first shot and caught this. Soo gross. Right on my new (sort of) white quilt. Not to worry – I moved fast enough that it didn’t have a chance to stain. Whew! Like you care.

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Happy Birthday Sophie!

Happy Fourth Birthday Old Girl! You may be a major pain in my ass these days, but I still love you! Doggie Sundae for you this weekend! And tomorrow is pizza night – all the crusts you can eat! Woo Hoo!

Me and my girl.

Sophie meets baby Jack.

Up close and personal.

Snuggling with Roo.

Snoozing on the couch with mom… back in the good old days, when she was allowed to.

Sophie’s first snow!

Little girl.

Sweet little puppy dog.

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Ok, so I’m a total copycat… I’m going to play the numbers game too.

Number on the clock when we woke up this morning: 8:30 (no more using JZ as an alarm clock)

Number of varieties of snacks put together for playgroup which started at 10am: 7

Number of snacks that required baking in the oven: 3

Number of people expected at playgroup including kids: 9 (not including JZ & myself)

Number of people that showed up for playgroup: 0 (yes, you heard me right)

Number of cookies consumed by me: 2

Number of handfuls of chex mix consumed: I lost track after 6

Number of pieces of Halloween candy consumed: 10 (I know, I know – it’s supposed to be for the kids… blah blah blah munch munch – got to love those mini crunch bars and gummy life savers.)

Number of poopie diapers changed today: 2

Number of minutes JZ has napped today, as of 4pm: 40

Number of temper tantrums thrown today (apparently six months is not too young for tantrums): I lost track after 4

Number on the scale at JZ’s checkup on Monday: 16 lbs. 4 oz.

Number of inches long the little man is now: 26 1/4 inches

Number of centimeters JZ’s head circumference is: 45

Apparently his weight and length cannot keep up with the growth of his massive noggin because his head is currently in the 75th percentile, while his length and weight are in the 50th and 25th percentiles. Yes, this is where my complex sets in over the fact that my kid’s head is too big for his body.

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