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Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Night

TV: Ok, so the Bachelor sucks. Why do I watch this stupid show?? This guy was such a putz and the fact that they called the guy a prince when really he just had royalty in his family name is so annoying. And Jen? Did anyone catch the love connection between the two of them… (totally did not see that one coming) or am I the only Jackass out there watching this garbage?

We just watched last week’s episode of 30 Rock last night… ok, I was laughing so hard at the out-takes from the commercial shoot with Alec Baldwin that we kept having to rewind and pause it. Who knew that he could be funny? And really really funny.

Could Grey’s Anatomy get any better?? This show is so good!! Finally Meredith and McDreamy doing the dirty deed… again. And Christina and Birk! Never saw that coming. Whoa! And I definitely think Addison is going to hook up with Alex. Definitely. Especially now that Izzie is not ready to start something up with him. Aaahh. McDreamy. Does anyone out there even think McSteamy is deserving of the title… more like McAsshole.

Did anyone see the whole deal with Rosie and Kelly Ripa? Oohhh… Rosie… you are a trouble maker! Isn’t it funny to see her get all worked up?

Christmas card: So I’m getting a little peeved. I can’t get a good picture of my child to save my life. I busted out the good camera and took a slew of pics and not a one turned out. And I spent $25 on film developing… with the CD and the white border… blah blah blah. Geez. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I may have to use one of him from the digital. I think what is really bothering me is that I have something in particular in mind and it’s not working… so I’m getting frustrated instead of just moving on to Plan B.

Christmas shopping: I have hardly any done. This time last year I was done. I think I had them all wrapped too! And I was prego! And working! What’s my deal? Maybe the fact that I just got most of my lists… and still am waiting for some. Hint, hint. Grandpa B, Grandpa Z, Grandpa Phil, EZ, Uncle CZ!!! What is it with the men?! I’m thinking about my list in July!

December: Is a busy month for us. We decided to bag the hubs’ firm Christmas party… thank goodness because I couldn’t find anything that worked to wear. I have a cookie exchange/playgroup, my mom’s coming to visit, we’re going to Chicago for EZ’s birthday weekend (woo hoo!!!!!!), Christmas of course, and all of the shopping that goes along with it… including the ribbon (more – what is WRONG with me people) that I had to go out and get today, and that awesome plaid wrapping paper I finally got my hands on last weekend. It’s a sickness, I’m telling you. Like the random shots of Jack… I took about 873 pictures of him over the past five days so I have a few blog-worthy shots to share.


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Grandma and Grandpa Z came over to visit with Jack before their dinner with Aunt Robbin’s family and then later for dessert.

Usually we go to the mountains after Thanksgiving to cut down our Christmas tree, but this year with Jack being so little we decided to go to the lot down the street. This is actually where we found our tree last year after not finding one in the mountains! Go figure!

Jack was a little sleepy and was holding on tight to Grandpa.

Sleepy little guy.

Strangely enough, he’s not all that interested in the tree… unless I put him next to it for pictures. We’ll see how the Christmas card photo shoot goes this year.

Santa’s little helper.

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I cooked a Thanksgiving FEAST for EZ and I! Believe it or not. It was my first and I’m sure it will definitely not be my last. I was a little nutty getting ready for the whole thing, pestering my mother, sister-in-law, brother, and father for recipes and advice, looking up desserts online and in every magazine sold in Target and religiously watching the food network for weeks getting ideas.
And EZ was an amazing help. He managed to tip-toe around me (because I have been known to blow my lid while busy in the kitchen when others or a certain dog gets in my way) and keep the kitchen all picked up and dishes constantly loaded (from Wednesday night until Thursday night… I’m pretty sure he did at least four loads of dishes). If I needed my favorite cutting board and knife and I had just used it for one thing or another, I’d think to myself, “Oh, I’ve got to wash the…” and before I was finished with the thought I’d turn around and it was clean and waiting. Amazing. And in the meantime the baby was entertained, fed, and changed and I didn’t even have to think about it. And at the very last minute when I told him I thought I was going to melt down and couldn’t make the gravy… he did. And I’m glad he did, because it was amazing. I’m definitely thankful for him.

Here’s what we had: Turkey – just the breast portion of the bird… so it still resembled a bird. Sort of. I soaked it in a brine in advance and made an herb paste that went under the skin. It was truly amazing. So fantastically delicious. Sausage apple stuffin’ muffins – this was a Rachel Ray recipe and it didn’t turn out as hot as I had hoped. Sweet potato casserole – with pecans, apples, and marshmallows… yummy. Brussel sprouts – with bacon and shallots. Very good. EZ and I actually really like brussel sprouts. Gravy – made with apple cider and apple brandy… delish. Best gravy ever. And rolls… ok, so the rolls were forgotten. But I made them the next day and they were perfect for turkey sandwiches. I also made two mini chocolate bailey’s pudding pies, a pumpkin pie, and a cranberry orange cheesecake pudding trifle. Yummy yummy yummy. I gained three pounds this weekend. And it was definitely worth it. So thankful for all of the food. And that I didn’t destroy it.

Jack had his first taste of cool whip and I think he’s hooked. Well, I am… again. What is it about cool whip? I’m totally addicted. I’m thankful for cool whip. And Jack. What a sweet little thing he is. So smiley and happy these days. He was so good all day long on Thanksgiving and managed to sit in his high chair and watch us eat dinner. Too cute. I feel so lucky to have such a sweet little boy. Such a great little family we have. Aaah. I feel so thankful. For a long time I didn’t like Thanksgiving. Not any more!

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Sophie and Jack

Jack has discovered that someone else lives in this house besides Mommy and Daddy. The wonderful, fabulous, endlessly entertaining Sophie. When he hears her nails on the hardwoods or the tile floor he perks right up and looks all around for her. He watches every move she makes and is never frightened by her… even when she is acting like Cujo. In fact he thinks just about everything she does is funny. Sophie has discovered that Jack is another source of food. So she lays under his high chair when he eats and waits for stray Cheerios and splatters of baby food. That and he gives her attention. Something that she cannot get enough of. So she is constantly trying to get right next to him for a little love. She never seems fazed by him grabbing her hair (don’t worry mom… I’m always right there and it doesn’t happen often) and always comes back for more.
Jack: Just a little closer girl. I want to pet that fur of yours.
Sophie: I don’t know about this kid.
Jack: What a nice girl. (Notice the grip on her fur. Poor girl. She didn’t flinch.)
Sophie: The things I put up with for a belly rub.
Jack: Come here come here come here here here Sophie sophie sophie.
Sophie: Please don’t hurt me.

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Sneak Preview

Ok, so maybe turtlenecks are a little girlie, but you can’t tell me this outfit isn’t cute on him… check out the socks too!

Someone was up all night long Saturday night… and finally decided to sleep from 5am until 9:30am… in between Mommy and Daddy. Stinker.

Check out these adorable red pj’s. Wait until you see the buns!

Ha ha ha!

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Ok, so I’ve switched to beta. I did a little reading and realized that eventually everyone is going to have to switch. I wasn’t so psyched about switching because I wasn’t so sure about how it would change my profile etc. Not much has changed but now I’m not so sure I can add to the favorites and my profile which appears in the sidebar. Whatever. I’ll figure it out at some point but here is the kicker… now I can’t comment on anyone out there that isn’t beta! What’s up with this!? So stupid. Oh, and I have plenty to say!! Agghh!! But just so the rest of you out there know…

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Splish Splash

I have never seen a child who loves to take a bath as much as Jack. It is too funny really. After dinner he will usually play in his jumparoo for a little bit (surprisingly enough jumping like a lunatic in an upright position results in much less spitting up than playing quietly, on his tummy, on the floor). When six o’clock rolls around I ask Jack if he is ready for his bath. Immediately the jumparoo comes to a standstill and he stares at me and I swear he is thinking, “Seriously? Now? Bath time?” Then he squeals out in delight and jumps so frantically I sometimes think he is going to catapult himself into the wall. When I lift him out of the jumparoo he makes these cute little happy noises, sort of a high pitched humming and giggling. I take him upstairs and turn the light on in his room and put him in his crib (one of his favorite places to play – seriously) and tell him that I’ll be right back and that I’m going to get his bath ready (now, I seriously think that repetition is the key with stuff like this – the fact that I do it the same way every time is probably why he likes it so much – because he knows exactly what to expect). Anyway, I digress.
So I run his bath, come back and get him undressed. At this point he can hardly contain himself, laughing and squealing. When he is undressed I stand him up on his changing table (to get a good grip on him and at the right angle – you don’t want to point anything right at you when the safety isn’t on… if you get my drift. Normally when I hold him up to stand on a surface he has no problem doing so and will stand with help for quite a while… but when it’s bath time he dances all around on the changing table completely unable to contain himself. I then take him to the tub, all the while singing to him about the fact that he is a naked baby and he squirms around in my arms and laughs and laughs.
When I set him in the tub he always gives me this look, all wide-eyed, like “ohmygoshmumma I’M IN THE TUB!” And immediately he starts kicking, splashing, screaming, and squealing. The screaming and squealing are especially exciting to him because we have one of those ridiculously large, waste-of-space, freezing cold tiled floor bathrooms (that for some reason people love but we can only focus on the fact that it is so cold and such a huge waste of space… I mean, they could have put a bonus room in the house, instead a ridiculously large and cold bathroom). So when he squeals and screams it practically echoes and who doesn’t love the sound of their own voice echoing.
He pees in almost every bath, then of course he wants to drink the water (which I struggle to stop him doing because I have only so many hands and eyes). And of course he thinks both acts (him peeing in the tub and him trying to drink the water while I try to stop him) are hilarious. He even enjoys having his hair and face washed. When I wash his bum he even helps me out by holding on to his legs and sucking as many of his toes as he can fit in his mouth. Hilarious.
I’m fairly certain I’ve told you all about his uber-cute singing with the lotion so I won’t go over that again. You get the idea, I think… he loves it. And I have to say I am laughing almost the entire time as well.

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