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Jack has had trouble sleeping lately. It started right before we left and I thought we had nipped it in the bud, but apparently not. He was up several times last night. I immediately assume that it is his teeth every time because I know he is getting a few in on top, but after trying Motrin, orajel, rocking, walking, singing, and just about every other thing I can think of, I end up giving him a bottle – which he takes like he is ravenous. Is this normal at this age?? To wake in the middle of the night to eat?!? I thought we were well past these days.

After he transitioned to solid foods (well, baby food, I’m not sure why we call that solid)… first the one meal a day then two and finally three – I never really had to switch his eating schedule. I pretty much just substituted a meal instead of a bottle. So after lunch he had a snack at about 3 (bottle), then dinner (baby food) at 5, and a bottle before bed. Those feedings were all stacked up close together because back in the day I had to tank him up before bed to make it through the night. But now, since he has a snack at 3, he’s not all that hungry at dinnertime at 5 and he is usually so tired by the time it is time for his last bottle of the night that he doesn’t take much of it. And well, that’s just not cutting it for him to make it through the night (or at least that’s what I think is going on). I had started giving him some Cheerios or those Gerber fruit puffs with his last bottle (causing him to want even less of the bottle) and that seemed to help, but I think I’m going to start pushing back his dinner. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m almost finished Christmas shopping. My mother-in-law came over yesterday to watch the little man so I could get out and power shop and that really helped. So nice to not have to lug that stroller in and out of the car and buckle and unbuckle him in and out of the car seat, then of course worry about whether he needs to eat or be changed blah blah blah.

Christmas cards are all finally out. Whew! I thought I’d never get those done. Every year I think about how I really need to cut that list back. And I just can’t. I get a card back (and most people get them to me before I get mine to them) from almost everyone I send one to… and the ones that I don’t get one back from always tell me in person how much they appreciate the picture. So 75 it will continue to be.
Turkey boy has been into everything lately… although he’s still not quite crawling. I’m starting to feel a little uptight about it, for some reason. And I’m not sure why. I always thought I wouldn’t care at all about stuff like that. I mean really, how important is it? It’s not like anyone is going to say “remember when Jack was 8 months old and still not crawling… so and so was crawling by five months”. In the grand scheme of things it seems so silly to feel weird about it, but I can’t help but feel like he’s starting to feel a little left out with all of the other kids at the playgroup up and crawling and doing whatever and little Jaker-doodle-doo just doing the superman on the floor. I do have one HUGE milestone to report… that I know no other kid at the playgroup can do yet! He WAVED and said HI yesterday to both Grandma and Daddy!!! My kid is a genius! Ok, so maybe not a genius… but he did it, I swear!

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Chicago Pics

Here’s Gavin showing us where his tongue is… what a cutie! He has so much to say and is so sweet. He walks around and jabbers on and every so often you can make out a word. Makes you wonder what he’s trying to tell you. So funny!

Lexi (who is Sophie’s black twin in personality… except Sophie is a little more feisty… in a bad way) giving Gavin kisses.

EZ looking full of life after a long morning traveling to the windy city.

Ready for the party! Ok, so I realize that I’m not even looking at the camera.

I got to meet Andrea’s crazy neighbor Jay.

Jay and his friends were so much fun! We had a great time dancing like fools.

Like I said… dancing like fools.

Jack totally dug Gavin’s toys. Especially this little piano. Look at him going to town on that thing.

Gavin is a kissing machine. It is so adorable.


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We went to visit my best friend, her hubs, and Toots, up in the Windy City for EZ’s birthday weekend. And we had soooo much fun.
We had a little trouble getting out of the dirty south, due to some crazy fog… which was followed up by some crazy hot temperatures (70’s all weekend). It was a little nuts, sitting in the airport for four hours waiting to take off. And JZ was not at all fired up about the idea of trying to nap with the regular hustle and bustle of an airport going on around him. But we handled it all surprisingly well. We thought we would be in Chicago with plenty of time to get to Toot’s house before Jack would be ready for lunch (well, we knew we could push it back with a bottle and some Cheerios) but we weren’t expecting quite the delay… so I ended up having to bite off small pieces of a banana and feed it to him. Whatever works, right?
Friday night we headed over to Jay and Jason’s for the holiday party – minus two little boys, who stayed at home with the babysitter. Lots of yummy food and drinks! That was a lot of fun and we even got to meet the last remaining Shrub fan left in the country. We gave him a brand new bumper sticker for his collection.
After the party the hubs were both tuckered out, so Andrea and I went out with her friend Jay and some of his friends – which was crazy fun. We stumbled in very very late and suffered the next day, but it was well worth it!
Saturday we slept in and then headed downtown for a late lunch and some shopping on Michigan Ave. Man, I forgot how much I love Chicago. The weather was perfect… not too cold and the lights were so pretty. And soo many people. Crazy people. Thank goodness the guys weren’t up for shopping and decided to take the kiddies back so we could wander aimlessly through H&M without having to part the red sea of people with the strollers. That and I was ready to melt down worrying about how Jack would handle the crowds etc. as we approached his blessed bedtime.
Of course we ended the night perfectly with some Chicago style pizza! Yummy! So much fun! Can’t wait to go back for our next visit.

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Number of people supposed to come to the playgroup/cookie exchange (not including children):5

Number that actually came (not including kids): 2… and let me tell you how glad I am, because I have more cookies than I know what to do with. Grandma and Grandpa Z are in for a surprise this weekend while they are house sitting :)

Number of candy cane brownies consumed in the last two days: 45… okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration… more like 6. Yikes!

Number of types of cookies and candies consumed at the party: 7 …and I tasted (ok, ate) one or three of each

Number of people left to Christmas shop for: 5 (I think)

Number of gifts to wrap, already purchased: 6

Number of Christmas cards addressed (of the 75 to be sent): 35

Number of minutes left before I have to leave for my hair appointment: 77

Number of things to do before we leave for Chicago: 859… pack for myself, pack for Jack, mentally pack for EZ so that when he packs I can re-pack when he is done, finish laundry with half of what I need to pack, finish Christmas cards, hair appointment, feed baby, bathe baby, and hello, I’m pretty sure there’s a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on tonight… what the heck am I doing writing this post!?

Ok, so I’m finished with numbers for now… the playgroup/cookie exchange was great. Perfect number of people considering Jack’s super-sensitive nature lately (must be the teething). He melted down and clung to Mommy about three times yesterday. Poor little guy. Feel so bad for him when he is so cranky. He seemed to enjoy the company but I did notice that he was a little frustrated with his inability to get around as well as the other two little ones… maybe that will motivate him.

Here is the photo we decided on for the Christmas card. Wait until you see how the card turned out! Adorable.

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We went to a Japanese steakhouse for Grandpa Z’s birthday on Saturday night. I was a little worried about the little guy because these places, as with most restaurants, are a bit chaotic, and I wasn’t so sure how he would do (with it being so close to his bed time and all of the chaos etc.). Well, we snuck in a late nap so that he would actually be awake and I have to admit… he did quite well. He had a lot of fun being passed from Grammy to Grandma to Grandpa to Daddy to Mommy to Grammy again and then to Mary.
I thought he was going to melt down when Grandma and Grandpa’s friend Mary took him but he didn’t… not only did he not melt down, he was in total love with her. It was quite a display of pda from the Jackster. Too funny!!!

Ohh Mary… I looove you!

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Look at him… so cute in his reindeer sweater from his cousin Noel.

“Everything I need. My Grammy and my Sophie dog.”

Woo Hoo! Aren’t they cute??Kisses for Grammy!

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Grammy’s Visit

My mom came to visit over the weekend and we had a great time. It was so nice to have some mother-daughter time together, which is so hard to find time for these days with the whirl-wind trips we take up north, her crazy job and the fact that she is in a new marriage. So it was really really nice to have some bonding time. I was glad that she got some one-on-one time with Jack too. It’s tough being down here, so far away from her… especially now with Jack. So the time we do have with her means so much to me! And the Christmas shopping… I can’t even tell you how much I got done having her here. What a difference it makes to have someone else to help you remember all of the details and to help you come up with a plan so that you aren’t wandering aimlessly around the mall… like I have been lately (by the way… when is the baby brain going to go away?? I swear I can’t remember anything lately!). So, it was great. Perfect visit. No stress. AAAaaahhh. Now if only I can make it through this week!

Ps. I have lots and lots of pictures to post, but for some reason have been having a terrible time with blogger lately. I can’t post anything and haven’t been able to since last week. Hmm.

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