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Feeling Listy Again

I see that my random garbage listy-ness has become a weekly thing, so I suppose I better keep with it, right? Boy, can I put together a sentence! Geez.

  1. So I’ve been thinking about quite a bit these days. But instead of covering all of the same issues that others have already nailed, I’ll just give props to Susan and Sarah. Thank you ladies! I was also completely unable to get Heather’s situation out of my head this week. I won’t even begin to tell you that I actually read even a fraction of her 878 (!@#@!) comments… or that I commented myself. Not to say that I didn’t really want to. I actually really wanted to comment to that piece of work that sent her that bit of hate mail in the first place.

  2. According to the local weather people, tomorrow we should be experiencing a little ice and snow and freezing rain and sleet and ice and some slush too. Apparently they want to cover all the bases just in case. I was somewhat surprised that they did not say “partly cloudy with a fifty percent chance of rain, freezing rain, snow, and ice”. Actually, they probably did. So as you can imagine, all of the local fruits are scurrying about today in preparation for the “Big Ice of 2007”. We must have MILK! Don’t forget the bread! And snow shovels! OF COURSE! Because a fifty percent chance of a half inch of snow will require the use of a snow shovel. I, of course, ran out of formula this morning. RAN OUT of FORMULA! What kind of mother is not stocked up… especially with a fifty percent chance of rain, freezing rain, and snow the following day? Me. Because I like to live on the edge of responsibility. So I went out to Target today. Actually two Targets… the first one was all out of my cheap Target brand formula. I dodged mobs of morons with my cart and almost had to swat a crazy lady for man-handling JZ’s hands (HELLO cold and flu season… he will be putting that hand in his mouth as soon as you walk away! Gross!). But do not fret. I’m all stocked up for the “Big Rain/Freezing Rain/Snow/Ice/Slush of 2007”.

  3. So I had a hair appointment scheduled for tomorrow. Something tells me that that is not going to happen.

  4. Jack is a crazy man.

  5. I had a chat with my mother this weekend and apparently I am an idiot. I had previously thought that crawling was well, crawling. On your hands and knees. You know, crawling. NO! If he is propelling himself across the room he is crawling. Well, SHIT (I know… blah blah)!! He’s been doing that for months! And I didn’t write it down… when he started. So I will have no way to tell all of his potential employers at what age he started crawling, when they call for a reference. All kidding aside… I’m kicking myself for not at least writing it down that he was trying to crawl.

  6. Jack is a crazy man. He is all over the place. Over this past weekend his army crawling turned into an army crawling frenzy. Toward the one uncovered outlet in the room. The floor lamp. The plaster columns that hold up our ginormous 1980’s speakers… that apparently are not baby proof. I had to dig out a mouthful the other day! CA CA! Watch out Sophie! Here he comes! She cannot move fast enough for wild man Jack, army crawling faster than the speed of light.

  7. I’m pooped. This is the hardest job I’ve ever had. Ever. I love it. I truly, truly do. But I’m so pooped! And I have a knot in my shoulder (funny that you mentioned that the other day Kellie) the size of a house! haha!

  8. Whew! Do I sound like a total downer? I’m really not feeling so down! I can’t even tell you how fired up I am actually… Toot’s and his mom are coming for a visit next week! And we’re so excited!

  9. I feel like I could tell you all more… but I’m already on number 9! So I’ll stop for now…


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We had absolutely perfect sunny skies yesterday and so the light in the house was perfect for pictures… so I went a little nuts. Here’s a few… and one of Sophie, being herself.

I just wanted you all to see what Sophie does all day. Oh, and by the way, in case you were wondering… she is full bred idiot.

Ok, I wasn’t sure I could get a better shot than this one.Then I took this shot. Isn’t he perfect?

Love me, Love me!

What’s the matter girl, you scared of little ole’ me?

Sleepy baby.

Beautiful boy.

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List style, as usual, because I’m feeling listy. I know listy is not a word. I don’t care.

  1. It’s cold. I’m tired of the cold. Down here in the dirty south, we get this nasty damp cold. And everyone gets sick. Like me, I’m sick and TIRED of this damp cold. Although, today it wasn’t so bad. And I hear that the weekend is looking nice as well… so we’ll see.

  2. I’m grumpy. Not sure why. EZ has been working his ass off lately… I know New Year’s Resolution – blah blah blah. Anyway, so he’s been MIA and it kinda stinks. Who am I kidding. It sucks. But things are looking up for the tail end of the week and we’ve got Grandma and Grandpa lined up so we can have a date night on Saturday night. Woo Hoo!

  3. JZ and I had a playdate today. It was supposed to be the playgroup at the pool then one of the girls couldn’t make it so the rest of us decided on Border’s so the kiddo’s could play in the kids book section (with all of the chairs and reading area) and then another gal bailed out with a sick kid so it was a playgroup turned playdate. And it was a lot of fun. Jack was totally into all of Brady’s cool toys and Brady was totally into climbing Jack. They were both highly entertained. And Brady’s mom and I jabbered away and took turns cleaning up spit-up. Gotta love the spit-up! Our kids are like a firing squad and they speak the same dolphin language. I swear it was like watching Aretha and Mariah on stage, trying to out-do each other with the high notes.

  4. I’m enjoying this playgroup quite a bit. I have quite a bit in common with two of the girls and although we talk a little bit of mom talk we don’t feel obligated to fill every conversation with only mom talk… if you know what I mean. In other words, they read US Magazine too and watch regular TV, not just Baby Einstein… like the other girl in the group. She actually told us that she only listens to kid/baby CD’s in the car now. It was at this point exactly, that my eyes glazed over.

  5. Ok, so I have to admit… this whole birthday thing is definitely going to turn into a Christmas thing for me if you know what I mean. I’ve already started thinking about invitations and cupcakes vs. cakes and themes, etc. AGGHHHH! Ok, so I know it sounds a little nutty. And I’m not one of those crazy party people with ponies and clowns either… I was thinking a little more Martha. I’m totally losing it.

  6. So I read somewhere today that January 22 is/was the most depressing day of the year! How do people come up with this stuff? And is this their job? I want to know if they get paid doing this and if they are now going to start carrying cards at Hallmark to celebrate?

  1. With that being said, I may be in a bit of a funk because I miss spending time with my hubby, but I spent 30 glorious minutes on my living room floor today, balancing blocks on Jack’s head making him (and myself) laugh so ridiculously loud. You know, I was talking to Brady’s mom today about how much fun Jack is becoming. Not just that though, I am amazed at how much more I like him… this person he is becoming every single day. Sounds weird I’m sure. But for the longest time he was this little thing that required so much constant care. He was very needy (no, not a blob, as Angelina described her child)and of course I loved him. But he didn’t do much. He ate, slept, peed and pooped quite a bit. It took so long for a real personality to emerge. And now it is changing and he is figuring things out and it’s just so cool to be a part of it. And I just totally I love it.

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Couple New Jack Pics

Happy Baby

You know mom, I can crawl, I’d just rather chill right here with my sucky.What’s Up?I didn’t just pull all of the diapers out of the diaper caddy and slobber them. Must have been Sophie.

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So… you heard the details. So no need to get into that drama again. Here’s the stats:
Length: 28 1/4 inches (50 percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs. (25 percentile)
Head Circumference: 46 cm (75 percentile)
So once again he is right on track with length, a tiny bit behind in weight and his noggin is way ahead of the game. But, hey don’t worry, I’m not stressing. Because I know that his brain is bigger than the average 9 month old’s. And seeing his long, skinny body holding up that big ol’ head kinda reminds me of an orange on a toothpick.
I’M KIDDING… it’s from a movie, people!! hahaha! This kid is going to have to be thick skinned to have a family like mine and parents like us!!!

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So today was Jack’s 9 month checkup and as usual, I have a very long story which will document a very minor problem we had which I’ve managed to blow into a gigantic ordeal. Let me begin by saying that for whatever reason I have been a complete mess today. I think it may have something to do with that episode of Grey’s last night that left me sobbing hysterically, followed by a lot of congestion and some cold medicine, then a sleepless JZ who was up from 11:30 (right when I dozed off) until 1:30am (which, I know is really not bad considering how things used to be… but, hey, I’ve gotten used to normal sleep again), then my baby alarm clock slept in again.
The nurse calls Jack’s name and off we went to the same room we were in two weeks ago… when I was stressing that his cold had progressed into an ear infection. We had an older nurse that I had never met before and immediately did not like her because of her grouchy demeanor… which I could get into but I won’t because this post is already too long winded as it is. I digress. She fired away the questions: Is he on formula? What kind? How much? Table food? What, and how much? Blah Blah Able to pick up small objects with thumb and forefinger… self-feeding… holding the bottle himself, etc. She was speaking so quickly that I could not understand her final question at all and had to say whhaaat three times.
Doctor came in and the little man looked great. She was pleased with his growth etc. I went through my usual three or four questions that I could muster up… which is typical for me because I am NEVER prepared for these visits. Every time I tell myself to make a list and if I do I leave it in the car or I forget to pull it out of my purse. I’m really just a bumbling idiot around Jack’s doctor. She is this lovely older-ish southern woman with only a hint of an accent. If I’m not amazed by how well dressed and put together she is, I am blinded and mesmerized by the gigantic rocks on either hand. She always enters the room and starts the conversation with “It’s so good to see you…” like she remembers us, then she tells me how handsome Jack is. Which gets me every time. You could ask me if my ass had gotten larger since the last time I saw you and follow it up with a “oohh he’s so handsome,” and I’d respond with a big smile and a thanks. This woman has what I call perfect bedside manor. Anyway, I’m getting way off the point here.
After the doctor buttered me up and left, the nurse re-entered with Jack’s shots. I hate the shots. So so so so much. Well, after she gave him his first shot she blurted something out about him kicking her. And all I could do was say I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry to Jack and sort of the nurse too, although in the back of my head I was wondering if really this had been the first time an INFANT had kicked her while she stuck them with a very large needle in the leg. Like he was trying to, in the first place! Well, as she finishes up with the second shot she SCRATCHES THE HELL out of his leg with the needle. I’m talking three inches long. It was obviously only a scratch, but it was bleeding all over the place. And he was FREAKING out. As I would be if I were 9 months old and some crazy lady had just stabbed me twice then followed it up with a nice scratch to the leg. Oh, my goodness it was all I could do to hold it together. And she was a mess. Clearly very sorry. Then I had the doctor in there very sorry as well. Geez, what a mess. So I somehow managed to calm him down (I just pointed out the bandaide – who knew a hologram bandaide could be so distracting) and I got out to the car only to get EZ on the phone and had a complete meltdown describing what had just taken place. The kind of meltdown that leaves you tired and needing a nap afterwords. I know, a little overboard, but it’s so tough to be the mommy. Having to keep your shit together and not go ballistic on stupid ladies who try to torture your kid (I mean nurses who accidentally scratch your kid).
So overall, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I just keep thinking about it and what really bothers me about the situation is that if she weren’t in such a RUSH it probably wouldn’t have happened in the first place. I am so bothered by doctors and nurses that rush me. I just know that she felt very bad about the situation. The fact that she had been nursing for 30 years and “in all of her 30 years of nursing this sort of thing has never happened.” Well, I just wish that she could take something besides that from the situation. Like, maybe, slow the heck down. What’s the rush anyway?? It’s not like they were running behind. We were early. They called us back there early. And I only took approximately 3 minutes of the doctor’s time for God’s sake. Geez.

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Oh my goodness it is COLD outside. Currently 32 degrees… which would not have been considered all that cold in my former frozen tundra life, but now that I’ve been in the south for far too long, it is what I would consider very cold. Because I’ve recently become addicted to bulleted and/or numbered lists, I’m going to start yet another.

  • Happy 9 Months JZ!! Woo Hoo! I can hardly believe he is already 9 months old. Isn’t it crazy how fast the time goes. EZ forwarded me an email this morning that I had sent to him in late March of last year. Here it is:

I had a dream about Bob last night. I dreamt that he was crying and I went into his room and picked him up and held him up to my face and was talking to him (consoling him) and he looked at me and once he focused in on my face and recognized my voice he laughed and laughed. It was the best dream ever. I could cry just thinking about it. He was so cute.

Totally weird. He does that all of the time. Such a turkey. Oh, in case you are wondering… we called him Bob before he was born. And I have no idea why.

  • Jack is still not crawling. Although, he is showing signs of skipping it altogether. He is wiggling and rolling to a destination (for instance the jumparoo) and grabbing on to the legs of it and trying to climb it. Interesting. And quite entertaining, as well. He still does the whole getting up on all fours and rocking thing too… so it’s hard to say what he’s going to do.

  • On Monday, after Jack woke up from his nap, I heard him talking (as usual) in his crib so I went in to get him. When he saw me peek my head in the door he looked at me out of the corner of his eye. When I reached his crib he yelled out, “HI!” Then he paused and said, “Mmm mm mm mama.” I kid you not!!!!! I just about crapped my pants.

  • I’ve been attempting to come up with a list of good songs for a new workout playlist… and I need a little help. I’ve run out of ideas and have been resorting to Britney Spears. So please, please… give me some good ideas!!

  • So the playgroup is headed to the pool again… oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you too, I didn’t go to the last one. Jack was still sort of getting over his cold and I wasn’t feeling too hot. And quite frankly, I didn’t want to go to the pool. But it looks like I am in this one for sure. I haven’t been to the last two playgroups, so I definitely have to go to this one. Ug. Still not fired up about squeezing my pasty white, glow-in-the dark, transparent skinned body into a bathing suit. And crocodile wrestling JZ into and out of a swimmer diaper and baby bathing suit. I can only imagine all of the sweat that will be followed by frozen temperatures getting out to the car. Ugg. Ok, enough of my grouching. New suit is in the mail… wish me luck.

  • So who’s dress did you love at the Golden Globes? I personally thought my girl, Reese Witherspoon was looking fantastic… although very skinny. And Ellen Pompeo… loved the white dress. Definitely did not like Beyonce’s dress or all of that glitter spray or whatever it was all over her chest. And wasn’t a fan of Cameron Diaz’s dress either.

  • Ok, so I’m totally disappointed with the de-lurking!! I appreciate all of the comments from my regulars, but the rest of you… and I know who you are because I have psychic abilities (hahahaha)!! Kidding. I hardly ever comment on people’s blogs. There are only a few (2 or 3) that I leave regular comments on… the rest of them I’m just a lurker.

Ok, so I know, this is an incredibly boring post. Nothing exciting going on here. Just looking forward to the possibility of some snow later this week and 30 Rock on Thursday (I know, pathetic… but Alec Baldwin, he is hilarious!). Hope you’re all having a good week!

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