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I have to apologize in advance… I know I said I had a list coming, but I just don’t think I can pull it off.  Next week for sure.  I’ve got another one of those lists of things I love.  Anyway, I just had to post a few pictures of Jack’s new haircut.  He’s the cutest kid on the planet! 

Cutest kid on the planet

Check out that haircut!!  Ok, so I know you can’t really see it… because you’re blinded by his cute-ness!!!  Man this kid is adorable.

Caught you talking to your toys

Jack loves to play behind the couch.  Which I think is hilarious.  Sure, my wall is taking a beating… but it is too cute to see his little head bobbing behind the couch and to hear him bump into the wall.  I swear he loves it back there too.  Sometimes he rolls over again and again and again like a crocodile.  And I’m not sure how he does it in those tight quarters.  And he giggles like it is the most fun in the world.  Here he is laying back there talking to one of his little people.  Should have gotten it on video.  Hilarious.  Seriously.

Ok, so that’s it for today.  Have a great holiday weekend and be safe!


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Alrighty then.  I just wrote a really long post.  With pictures and all kinds of fun stuff.  And I knew something was up, but I ignored it, hoping it would go away.  Then I managed to lose the whole post.  Awesome.  So, let’s see if I can do this one over again. 

Feeling listy.

  1. I think we (Jack and I) are getting over this grumpy funk we’ve both been in.  I think it had to do with the fact that we both had cabin fever.  We were bored and tired of the house and tired of each other.  But now, it’s no longer 100 degrees!  And we can go outside, without melting.  He’s also been teething – cutting four teeth at once and switching to one nap a day.  And I had no idea it would cause so much grumpiness.  He was taking a morning nap and then playing in his crib for the afternoon nap, so I decided to push back the morning nap and cut out the afternoon one altogether.  Well, you’d think he didn’t have a nap at all.  Even though some days he was napping for three hours.  Craziness.  Anyway, we seem to be (possibly) getting over this little bump in the road.  Hopefully.
  2. Jack is doing the cutest thing ever lately.  If there is a stuffed animal or pillow on the floor, he’ll dive onto it and lay his heady down and say, “Aww.”  Painfully cute.   
  3. Today he did something very similar and was patting my chest while I was carrying him.  I would say, “aww,” and he’d lay his head on my chest.  So adorable!  I can’t tell you how much I love it.  This kid never ever sits still.  And this new hugging and laying his heady down and lovey dovey stuff is the best ever. 
  4. So, I know I’ve told you all before, but I’ll say it again.  I definitely have a climber on my hands.  And I managed to catch him in the act.  Turkey.
  5. Back and forth, unplugging the lamp on one side of the TV to climbing up the speakers on the other side.  He can, and has, done this for an hour at a time.  Back and forth.  It kills me.  And not in a good way.
  6. But how can you be mad at a face like this?
  7. So, we’re pretty fired up for next week.  We’re off to Chicago for a long weekend visit with Toots!  Woo Hoo!  And E is taking the rest of the week off!  Woo to the double Hoo!  We’ve lined up Grandma and Grandpa Z to watch the little man for a night, so we can have a mini-overnight-vacation involving sleeping in and breakfast in bed!  Can you tell I’m fired up?!  And last but not least, there are two of the best festivals (which involve lots of yummy food and lots of fun).  So we’re pretty pumped.  And it’s supposed to be in the upper 80’s.  Imagine that! 

So that’s about it for now.  I’m hoping to have one more post out this week, with fun stuff (like cute fall clothes) before we head out to the windy city.  Hope you’re all having a great week!

Deer in headlights

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Chillin’ Out

All Smiles

Here’s Guy Smiley!

I’m not going to drop my milk on the floor.

My little turkey.  Getting ready to drop his milk.  Wouldn’t be a meal if the sippy cup didn’t hit the floor at least seven times.

G is for Green

We’ve been trying out a new kind of diaper.  70% biodegradable, as opposed to the popular ones, which are more like 30-40%.  Jack seems to like them.  We’ll see.

All sprawled out

I’ve finally figured out how to get Jack to sit (or lay) still.  Sesame Street.

Sweet little boy

My goodness, look at how much he’s changed.

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I’m feeling listy and wordpress is messing with me, not allowing me to make bulleted/numbered lists. What’s up with that? So bare with me while I attempt to make a list anyway.

1. Jack, Jack, Jack. Where should I begin? I’ve been feeling the heat from the neighbor girls to switch to one nap. They both have and it’s been difficult to coordinate schedules for playgroups etc. And I have to say, I’ve been pretty reluctant. I NEED that afternoon nap. Probably more than he does. But after a rather difficult weekend of napping, I decided I should try to push back his morning nap and have a quick snack before going down. And he slept for 2 1/2 hours. By the second hour I had to go in there to see if he was still breathing. He never sleeps that long. Then he woke up and was READY to GO! Energizer bunny crazy boy. Then by bedtime, temper-tantrum extraordinaire. Oh, boy. What the hell was I thinking?

2. The little turkey has been testing me lately. Big time. Hit me in the grocery store yesterday. Yeah, that was quite the situation. Here I am clenching my teeth and talking sternly to him about timeouts when we get home mister. Meanwhile the shitster is laughing his behind off at me, grinning from ear to ear, waving at the lady behind us, and throwing his arms back to lay another one on me. Then he throws his arms around me and hugs me. HUGS ME. This child does not hug. He is waaay too busy for hugs. Drive by kisses, maybe. Hugs, never. Then I realize he’s not just hugging me. He’s lifting himself out of the grocery cart, attempting the great escape.

3. Later that day we had a playdate with Jayden. He threw a shoe at her. Got a warning. Then threw the other shoe at her. And had a time-out. Calmed down, came downstairs to play again. And threw a shoe at me. Why am I letting him play with his shoes?? Thank goodness they were only crocs.

4. Jack has a few new words. NONONONONO, stop, and don’t. And he barks like the dog.

5. I’m so ready for fall. It’s hot and I’m sweaty ALL of the time. I think I’m starting to scare the neighbors with how much time I spend in my bathing suit. It hasn’t rained in something like three months and our yard is brown or yellowish. It’s just dead looking. And it’s been 100 degrees every day for the past three weeks. The weather people/guessers were trying to tell us last week that it was going to be in the upper 80s this week. Now they are telling us a high of 95 every day and so far this week, each day has been right around 100. I’m ready for fall. Did I mention it’s hot?

6. I bought my seventh bottle of sunblock yesterday. Yes, you heard me right.

7. We have new next-door neighbors. They have a dog. And she/he barks just as much as Sophie, if not more. They’re from NY and I have not yet laid eyes on them. It’s sort of like that movie the Burbs. Remember with Tom Hanks? I’d put the link in, but WordPress sucks today and I can’t.

8. Ok, so I’ve been thinking that I’m hot shit around here. The recycling queen. We are one of the only families in the neighborhood with two bins. Which I find extreme gratification filling to the brim. Our two bins are almost always accompanied by a large stack of cardboard boxes, as well. And of course the bins are organized. Because I’ve stalked the recycling truck and watched how they have to sort them to put it in the truck. So I’m pretty sure I’m their favorite house. I’m nuts, I know. But whatever. Anyway, here I am, hot shit, recycling everything under the sun, seriously considering harassing my girlfriends (I know you drink diet coke! WHERE are your CANS! There is no bottle return in NC, people! Do NOT tell me you are throwing away CANS!), I DIGRESS. Anyway, so on Monday, the new neighbors put out their recycling (while no one was watching) and they had THREE bins. OVERFLOWING.

Ok, I think I’m done for now. Hope you all are having a great week and feeling a little relief from the heat. This is the point in the year that I pretty much start hating the south and dreaming of being back in the north. With those lovely chilly nights. Jeans and t-shirts during the day. Aahh. I’ll just have to wait until November. Pardon my disgruntled nature today. Have I mentioned it’s hot?

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I’m driving home from a lunch date the other day and get to a big intersection close to home.  There’s some sort of construction going on and I’ve just noticed the signs to merge and attempt to do so.  But no one is letting me in.  They’re all following bumper to bumper, ignoring the fact that I’m getting closer and closer to their vehicles, avoiding eye contact.  Normally I don’t really care if they let me in or not.  Eventually they’ll see that I’m getting over whether they like it or not and just let me in already.  But, well, we’ve got a new car and there’s no way I’m even chancing even a tiny scratch on this thing.  So I sit there.  With my blinker on.  FOREVER.  And finally start honking because I’m getting really dirty looks.  Like I’m a horrible person for MERGING when I’m SUPPOSED TO.  NOT at the last second, like those annoying people who cruise up to the front and slide in front of you at the last second.  NO.  Not that at all.  Just following the construction signs.  I mean really, should I have known that I was going to have to merge?  Geez.  Why are people so annoying?

Need to vent?  Somebody steal your parking spot?  Walk so close, from behind, that they stepped on the back of your shoe?  Step right in front of you and stand right in front of you (like you are a mirage) while you are checking out DVDs at Blockbuster?  Go right ahead, VENT!

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Hot Fun

We had a great visit with an old friend (well, she’s not old, you know what I mean) last weekend.  Sarina came up to North Cackalacky, for some relief in the Hotlanta heat (well, sort of) for Saturday and Sunday.  It was so good to see her and to catch up on what’s been going on in each other’s lives.  Jack was in love all weekend long and Sophie was in heaven with her old pal.  We managed to take plenty of pictures, but none of her.

Wrangling the Turkey

After totally gorging ourselves on pizza we went over to one of the local shopping centers (with a fountain and big grassy lawn) to listen to some really bad live music where we sweated our asses off and took turns chasing Jack around.  On E’s watch, Jack managed to jump into the fountain.  Don’t ask me how you can miss something like that.

Guys Wanna Buy Some Cookies?

We gave him a couple of cookies, thinking it would keep him in the vacinity of the blanket (maybe he’d keep coming back for more, right?).  Anyway, it didn’t work.  He kept running up to the “mosh pit” (where all the kiddies were dancing up front by the band) and offering the cookies to other kids.  Just as they would go to take the cookie he pull it away and run off.  Turkey.

Enjoying Some Breakfast

Somebody loves going out to brunch.  And eating pancakes.  And throwing them EVERYWHERE.  And screaming a dolphin-like scream to get the attention of the rest of the restaurant that he has not yet charmed with all of his flirting.

Cool Dude

Here are some photos of Jack in his sunglasses.  Enjoy.

Hi Mom

Someone decided he had to have his crocs and his sunglasses on all day on Monday.  Which included a trip to the grocery store and a playdate.  I’m not kidding you.

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List of Things I Love #2

Ok, so way back in the day, I made a list of things I’m into these days.  Well, I’ve got some more where that came from.

  1. I’m really into a little sussy and EmilyStyle.  I’ve been lurking on Emily’s site for a while now, but only recently found a little sussy.  Two very super-cute blogs with tons of great posts – very inspirational, fashion forward, artistic ladies.  Love love love!
  2. I must have this top for fall.  So so cute.
  3. Beads, beads, beads.  Seriously, I just can’t get enough.
  4. Through a little sussy, I found this site (fabuloso maximoso)… and she had the most lovely dress EVER in a previous post.  And she made the pattern AND the dress from SCRATCH.  I’m dieing here.  I must have it.  Soon.  Ok, so I actually bought something very similar to it last night – which is black and tealish and eggplant, with a very retro, sixty’s-ish, mod-print.  Very cute.  Anyway, quick question for you all.  It’s short… very similar to the wallpaper dress at wiksten-made.  Anyway, I keep digressing here.  The dress I bought, should I wear black (capri length) leggings under it?  I just wonder if I’m too old for something that short… and if leggings are just yucky.  I’ve been sort of avoiding them for some time now and now that I think I might go for it, I don’t want to look like a total bonehead wearing something that only tweens wear.  And by the way, where the hell did the word tween come from anyway?!? 
  5. This smells so divine.  Who doesn’t love the fresh smell of grapefruit? Well, maybe no one does but me. I love it.
  6. Jack and I spend quite a bit of time at the pool.  And because I have been fighting off a lovely case of mask (isn’t it supposed to be the mask of pregnancy, not post-pregnancy??), I’ve been slathering up with this (and wearing a hat as well).  As you can imagine, my face is white and my body, well, it isn’t quite as white.  So I decided to try this after Andrea recommend it.  Oh my loviness.  It is the best ever.  I hate self tanners, mostly because I’m pretty fair so they almost always turn out orangish.  Not this stuff.  So natural looking.  And so easy to use.

Ok, so that’s it for now.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  We had a great visit with an old friend.  I’ll try to post pictures later in the week on that. 

Oh, and for those of you wondering what the big surprise was – Kellie was right.  E went and delt with all of the car sales crapola while Jack and I were in MI and after pretending to lose the Pathfinder at the airport parking lot, he surprised me with a shiney new car.  Ok, and I had to share this one last picture from our trip.

Walking with Mommy

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