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Numbers on a Thursday Afternoon

Number of temper tantrums Jack threw before 9:30am yesterday:  3 

Number of different locations temper tantrums were thrown throughout the day yesterday: 6 (in the house), 1 (front yard), 1 (park), 2 (car-seat), 4 (highchair – breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner)

Number of times I considered offering to give Jack to a neighbor yesterday:  475

Number of hugs received from the Jackster yesterday:  475 (The reason I did not offer Jack to the neighbors.  His hugs are great.  Seriously.  Oh, by the way, have I ever told you all that every time I type seriously, I accidentally type it wrong – seriuously.)

Number of times I said, “This is bad. Really bad,” last night during Private Practice: Too many to count.  Seriously, what a disappointment.  And why am I surprised?  Do spin-offs ever work?

Number of failed spin-offs I can think of off the top of my head:  Ok, I could only think of two… Joey, and that really bad one back in the day from Growing Pains about the big family (what the heck was that called).  I know there’s a lot more.

Number of measurements collected (from my body) at sewing class last night:  16

Number of times I will ever again measure the circumference of my thigh: 0 (I do not care.  I do not need to know this measurement ever again.  Seriously.)

Number of phone calls received this morning before 11am:  4 (This is big people… some days the phone does not ring.  Because I am not a phone person.  Not because I am a loser… well, at least I don’t think I am.)

Number on the thermometer:  85.5 (This is getting old.  But hey, it’s better than yesterday.  And there’s been no temper tantrums – well, only two – to add to the heat.)

Number of hours left in the day until Grey’s (WOO HOO):  7.75  (Actually it’s 8.75, because we’ll be watching The Office at 9 and the DVR’d Grey’s at 10… we have a plan.  Don’t worry.)


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What’s Up What’s Up What’s Up

Oh, man oh man oh man!  There is so much going on around here it’s just craziness.  Ok, so maybe not craziness, but we do have some fun stuff coming up (anniversary night out, E’s college homecoming – Go Wolfpack, Halloween, Charleston, Thanksgiving with the FAM – WOO HOO).  Ok, so let me give you the low-down on what’s been going on… list style… I know you know how much I love the lists.

  1. Kinder-fitness.  I’ve been taking Jack to Kinder-fitness.  Which is a toddler fitness class.  Let me tell you… I almost quit after the first class.  He threw a mega-fit during the introduction, then proceeded to flail and scream around the gym, stick his fingers in all of the uncovered outlets, turn the CD player up REALLY loud, and flail and scream some more (while not participating in any of the “fitness” stations in the class) for the entire half hour.  Let me tell you, a half hour is plenty of time for a toddler fitness class.  It makes me tired just typing about it.  The second class was a little better and I’m hoping it’ll continue to be more fun for me and less chasing as we continue to show up every week. 
  2. Sewing 101.  I’m loving it.  And I’ve found a store nearby that sells Amy Butler fabric.  We’re learning all kinds of useful stuff, like, for instance, how to sew on a button (with the machine), how to put in a zipper, and blind hems.  This week we’re doing a pillow… check out my supercute fabric.  Next week we’re starting our pj’s!  Woo Hoo!
  3. So, I’ve been subbing for Bunko group lately.  Ok, so for those of you who’ve never heard of Bunko – it’s a dice game that requires no skill.  Basically, it’s just a bunch of women sitting around eating, drinking, and hanging out, while throwing some dice.  And since the group consists of 12 (or 13) people, I’ve met more people playing then I have since I’ve moved to NC.  So, it’s a lot of fun and between sewing and bunko I’ve had a lot of “me” time.  Which is very nice.  Very very nice.  I think it’s easy to get wrapped up in everyday life and to get away from doing things on your own for yourself.  I know I have been doing just that for the past two years, at least.  So I’m really glad to be getting involved in some new things.
  4. TV!  This week!  Ok, so I was all ready for DH this week… all camped out in front of the tube in my theater clothes, with my glass of wine.  And what the heck!  One of those stupid run-downs of what’s going on in the show.  Ug.  For some reason I thought it was the season premiere.  Next Sunday.  Ok, so I’m DIEING for Grey’s.  Can’t wait!!  And SERIOUSLY… you can’t tell me it isn’t perfect for me.  I need it.  E, hint hint.  I think I’ll probably also check out Private Practice and definitely 30 Rock (iloveit.iloveit.iloveit.).
  5. J Crew!  You’re KILLING me.  Stop it already!  You’re causing us to live on the edge of financial responsibility!!
  6. I finally purchased Jack’s Halloween costume.  OOOOhhh just you wait.  It is painful it’s so dang cute.  Here’s a hint.  AARrrrr.  hahahaha!

Ok, so that’s it for today.  Not much else going on here.  Hope you’re all having a great Monday. 

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The Count

Ok, so I have been driving Jack totally nuts trying to get a new video of his ABC’s because he’s gotten so much better at it since I made the sideways video.  Anyway, the poor kid has gotten to the point that he screams every time he sees the camera (because he likes to watch the videos and look at the pictures… not be videoed and have his picture taken).  I literally have to hide it and sneak it out when I think he might say something.  Because (once again… I know I’ve told you all a million times) he’s way too stubborn to actually do it when I ask.  So, it’s not the ABC’s, but I think you’ll like it anyway.

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Love List #3

Ok, so here we have it.  Yet another list of things I’m loving right now.  I don’t really know if anyone really cares about what I love, but I feel like I’m finding things all of the time that I just have to share with somebody!  That and I have so many opinions, I just can’t keep them all to myself.  So here we go!

  1. I’m totally in love with this adorable sweater from J Crew.  I had actually intended to link to another sweater altogether… but when I went to link it, it was gone!  Apparently I am not the only one who thinks it is adorable.  I even had another similar one that I actually bought from Banana, but that site is super annoying and no matter what I do to my computer, I can’t get to it.  So anyway, I digress… I do love the one I did link to.  Love.  Lovelove.
  2. Picasa!  I know I’ve said it before.  But I absolutely love it.  I am so stubborn and I refuse to read directions and I hate change.  So, when we downloaded this program (for FREE), after some advice from my father-in-law – yes, Ken, you’re big time now – I thought I was going to have to kick and scream my way through it to figure it out.  But I didn’t.  It’s so easy and user friendly.  You can resize (ginormous) photos for the blog in a few easy clicks.  And for those of you who are Blogger users, it’s that much easier because it’s made by Google.  Uploading photos to your computer is a breeze.  Oh, I just love it.  Ok, so enough about that.  Check it out.  It’s free.
  3. This dress from Anthropologie.  Look closely… it’s plaid.  OHMYGA it’s so cute. 
  4. Ok, so I wasn’t going to include this one because it’s very similar to the J Crew sweater above.  But I had to.  I love it.  Love it.
  5. Tell me these aren’t painfully cute?!  If I had a girl, she’d be wearing them.
  6. But I have a boy… so he’s going to wearing these!  haha!  I love it!  Sure, girl’s stuff is supercute… but I have just as much fun buying for Jack.  I mean, check this out!  Too cute.
  7. Ok, so this is such a great site.  And when you are feeling crappy or just need a laugh or whatever… this one will fit the bill.  It’ll make just about any mom feel normal.
  8. Last but not least.  You didn’t think I’d have a list without mentioning food, did you?  haha!  Ok, so I was clicking around the other day and catching up at this site, and I discovered THIS!  Let me tell you… I’M IN HEAVEN.  There is nothing in the world better than an edge brownie… or EVEN BETTER a corner brownie.  Oh, the possibilities.  Seriously, now I’m going to have to make brownies today.

Ok, so that’s it for today!  Maybe I’ll download the sideways video, if I can find some time to fit it in tomorrow… we’ll see :)  Have a great rest of the week!

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ABC’s and 123’s

So, it seems that we are back in the swing of things, here at the hacienda.  And although we have quite a bit going on to keep us busy, I am already bored and wishing for an exciting trip to look forward to.  I guess I should be looking back at a great summer, which included lots of traveling and spending lots of time with family and friends.  But instead, I’m sitting around here, cussing the continuation of our upper 90-degree late summer.  Ahh.  Supposedly there’s a break in the heat in our near future… starting tomorrow.  We’ll see.  So, I have a list.  IMAGINE THAT!

  1. I have enrolled in a sewing class.  haha!  With my mother-in-law.  And I’m actually pretty fired up about it.  I am pretty creative and into any kind of artistic outlet, but I pretty much require someone to force me to get going, because I am incredibly lazy and the biggest procrastinator in the universe.  I’m excited to see if I can actually make something useful.  And continue to try to do things once the class is finished.  We’ll see.  I’ll keep you updated.
  2. I’ve enrolled Jack (and I) in a toddler fitness class at the Y.  I’ve signed us up for the fall and holiday season… so I’m hoping it’s something we actually enjoy.  No, really, I think he is going to love it.  He has so much energy and loves to hang out with other kids.  So I think it’s going to be great for him.  And good for me too.  I need to get out and meet more people.  Which leads me to another topic…
  3. One of my neighborhood girlfriends (one of the two), that is my age and has a son a month and a half younger than Jack, (blah blah blah… can I make a short story long or what) told us yesterday that they’re moving.  As soon as their house sells.  Oh no Mr. Bill!  Seriously people, I’m such a dope.  I was so bummed out I burst out in tears.  It’s just been so tough to meet people here – with or without children – and she is so much like me AND she has a kid my kid’s age.  Ug.  So, I’m totally bummed.  But I know she is really happy about being near her family and best friend again.  So I can’t help but be happy for her.  I know if it were me, I’d be elated.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT NEWS!!  I can’t believe I didn’t tell you all this first… While on vacation in Chicago over the Labor Day weekend, Jack said his first sentence.  “No, Mama!”  That’s my boy!!  He also just started to say, “All done,” when he’s finished eating… although, I think he just says it when the food is gone.  He’s also been saying Milk, Hi, Bye Bye, and for some reason I can’t think of any other words he’s saying.  There’s several.  But he continues to be painfully stubborn and will only say things when he feels like it.  He counts.  Well, I know that’s what he’s doing and I can recognize the words two and three, but it sounds more like noises in counting fashion.  He does the same with the ABC’s…. which I actually have on video, but it’s was taped vertically so it’s sideways when I try to post it on the blog… so I just said forget it, because that is just stupid.  Nobody wants to get a crick in their neck trying to watch Jack sing his ABC’s.  It’s all just absolutely, painfully adorable and if I get a decent video of it, I’ll post it for sure.

Ok, so that’s it for the updates for now.  I had a bazillion things I wanted to share, but can’t think of them right now, and of course I didn’t make a list (like I usually do).  I do have a lengthy list of things I love for later in the week.  I’ll leave you with two photos of Jack and the neighborhood kids… the first one is from December of last year.

                    The kids - Dec 2006  The kids - Sept 2007

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Alright, alright!  We had a great visit with Toot’s and his family in the windy city!  We had a pretty uneventful flight down there… Jack was pretty cooperative and charming to his fellow passengers and didn’t inflict too much pain onto E & I.  We got into town pretty early in the day, so we decided to spend the day at Kiddie Land.  Which is the best ever.  Jack had a blast… and I have to admit, so did I.  I felt like a kid again.  It was so fun taking him on all of the mini-rides.  He absolutely loved it.  When I’d yell out in excitement (on a ride or whatever, because I sometimes I like to randomly holler out a Woo Hoo), Jack would too.  Too funny!  E & I argued over who would take him on this ride or that ride.  Most of the rides were too small for E, so I got to take him on most of them.  hehe.

On Sunday we tooled around in Lincoln Park, shopping and snacking at my favorite chocolate place.  Which was a very important part of the day, because you know what they say about chocolate.  That night we lined up a babysitter and the adults went out for a night out on the town.  And let me tell you… well, something tells me that the pictures speak for themselves.  Andrea and I were three (or maybe ten or so) sheets to the wind.  Too much fun!  And such bad service everywhere we went.  But thank goodness the cabbies were cool.  haha!  Especially with the two of us in the back seat.

Sunday we did a little more shopping while the guys went to a movie.  Something superbad.  Or maybe it wasn’t superbad, just called Superbad.  Anyway, it was a great trip overall.  As always.  And we miss them already.  I’ve attached a web album through Picasa (which is amazing, by the way) so everyone can check out the whole mess (well, a select 47 of the whole mess) of photos from the trip.  Let me know if you have problems with it and/or if you like it or hate it. 


Ok, so I’ve tried to embed the damn slide show a hundred times and I GIVE UP!  You’ll just have to deal with my ugly, low tech, lame-o link.  Not nearly as cool but you can still see the pics.  If anybody out there knows how to embed Picasa slideshows/albums into wordpress let me know!  I’d love some help!!

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