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Love Birds

Jack and Lila sitting in a tree… I meant to post on this a while ago, and somehow forgot.  A few weeks ago we were able to catch up with some old friends.  E had a meeting in their area, so Jack and I came along for the ride and hung out with my friend Tracie and her girls Lila and Tehya.  Tehya, their oldest, was a total riot and quite the snuggler.  Lila is 9 days younger then Jack.  And they are already in love.

Tracie and Lila

Tracie and Lila.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any good ones of Tehya.  But man is she a cutie.  Tracie just ran a marathon.  She is wonder woman in my book.

Potty Time!

Potty!  So I bought Jack a potty.  Not that I’m going to have him use it any time soon… well, unless he wants to.  But I thought I might as well get his used to the idea of it.  And we’ve been talking about going potty on the potty etc.  He is very into the whole process and loves for me to put his poopies (from his diaper) into the potty (so much fun) so he can flush them and wave bye bye.

Bye Bye Poopie

Super flusher extraordinaire.  So he really enjoys flushing.  Big time.  If he sees me heading for the bathroom, he bolts in that direction so he can get in position, ready and waiting for the go-ahead to flush away.  Followed by a lift of the lid to wave bye bye.

Happy Talk

He’s also really into talking on the phone these days.  And everything and anything can be a phone.  And you know it’s a phone because he holds it on his cheek or near his ear and says, “EOo?”  Phones have come in many forms recently: Ralphie, a lobster bath toy, a watch, a calculator, his Elmo fork, a cookie, and my favorite, a goldfish cracker.

I am telling you Grammy, my Mommy is so grumpy today.  Two time-outs for me in five minutes.

Talky-talkerson.  Kid love to talk.  Caught him standing right next to my ivy topiary the other day (after a time-out from Daddy, for pulling it’s leaves off) babbling on, with random words coming out.  Babble babble NO babble babble BAD.

Cutie Patootie


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Pumpkins & Mums

Getting a feel for the place

We went to our favorite pumpkin place last weekend to pick out our pumpkins.  Sure, it’s not a real pumpkin patch… but it saves us from several melt-downs with the fact we don’t have to drive an hour to get there.  More time for taking pictures, right?

Ok, enough of this hand-holding business, Daddy.

This was right before Jack took off like a bat out of hell.  I kid you not.

Stopping to smell the flowers

What can I say?  The kid loves to smell things.

Stopping to stick his head in the flowers

He was really into smelling the flowers.

My pumpkin

Here it is!

My little tree hugger

I’ve never seen a kid so into trees and leaves.

Me & my boy

He’s so darn cute.  Even with his PLG bruise on his cheek.  Poor little guy.

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Making a List

It’s almost Halloween.  Which means that, soon, it will just about be the holiday season.  And since it’s almost, just about the holiday season, I’ve started my Christmas list.  For that reason and also because my mother-in-law is ahead of my game, and has already asked me for mine.  And she has hers ready for me!  Oh, no Mr. Bill!  I’m already getting behind and it’s not even Halloween yet!  Ok, so I’ve started and I just can’t seem to think of anything that doesn’t come in the shape of a gift card.  So, I thought I’d share the few things I do have… and maybe in return, you all share a few ideas with me.  Maybe? 

  1. I definitely need more of these and these.
  2. I certainly wouldn’t mind this.
  3. I really need this.
  4. Now, really, who would love a pair of these?
  5. Something about living in the south turns you on to stationary and monograms.
  6. Now, this isn’t for me… but I’ve got to have it for Jack.

Ok.  So that’s it.  Pathetic!  I’ve got to get crackin’!  And I need some ideas!  What’s on your list?!  Or what do I need that you love?!  Come on people!  I give you love all of the time… share the love!  haha!

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Snuggle Buggle

Somebody is feeling a little under the weather.  Poor little guy has had a rough go of it the last week or so… last week his little buddy in the neighborhood bit him on the face (yes, indeed, the face, and it left two large bruises – top teeth and bottom teeth, which didn’t fade until today), he ran into the dining room table and got a dousey of a bruise on his temple the next day, yesterday he slipped in the sink (I let him stand in the kitchen sink while I wash his hands, I know, bad idea) and hit his cheek on the side of the sink – which left a terrible bruise.  So now he looks like I’ve been slapping him around, just in time for his 18 month check-up on Thursday.  To add to all of the bumps and bruises, the child has been in some serious pain (or seems to be) with his teeth.  He’s drooling all over the place, won’t take his pacifier (which is huge), and is on a hunger strike that will go down in the books.  So as you can imagine, he has been an absolute joy to be around, with almost constant whining, with breaks only to drink milk and hold his breath while he’s throwing a fit.  And NOW the poor kid seems to have some sort of bug or something because he’s had some seriously sketchy poops today.  Enough said?  Good.  I really didn’t feel like going into details on that subject.  And if that weren’t enough, I seem to be coming down with something.  Lovely.

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary honey… I thought you might like a little trip down memory lane.  And I thought everyone else might enjoy seeing a few pictures of us on our big day.  Sorry they’re not hot copies.  They’re from pre-digital days.

Just Married

We had our rehearsal dinner (and spent our wedding night) here.


Here’s my dress.


We had the reception at E’s brother’s restaurant.  Which was this neat old southern house.


This is our favorite honeymoon photo.  It started to rain out of no where.  And we were lazing out under our little thatched umbrella thingie.

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I’m totally not in the mood to blog.  So why am I blogging?  Because I have the time, that’s why.  And if I don’t seize the moment, it will be gone and then I’ll be wishing I would have taken advantage of the “free” time.  Ok, so to go completely outside of the box for myself and totally shock you all, I am going to make a list of what’s been going on.  haha! 

  1. We’re preschool shopping.  Why does this have to be so complicated?  And why are these people that do tours so annoying?  With the super high pitched voice and the rambling, OHhhh Lord the RAMBLING.
  2. I’ve been watching much too much television lately.  John & Kate Plus 8, NCIS, Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, My Name is Earl, The Office, 30 Rock, Grey’s, Desperate Housewives, What Not to Wear, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style… plus I want to check out Women’s Murder Club and Men in Trees.  It’s criminal.  And somehow, with my hectic schedule, I have no problem watching ALL of these shows every week.
  3. I’m not sure how I find the time, but I’ve also managed to breeze through several books lately.  A Thousand Splendid Suns, Sharp Objects, The Road, and I’m working on The Pact – which my mom suggested along with a whole slew of others (including two of the three I mentioned earlier).  I highly recommend A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Road. 
  4. Jack is doing so many new things these days.  He says, “Hi” in the cutest little voice ever.  Seriously, I have to get it on video.  He’s really taking off with the talking and is identifying all kinds of body parts.  His favorite being his belly button, with the dramatic pulling up of the shirt and leaning over to find it.  haha!  He’s so darn cute.
  5. I’ve almost completed a pair of pajama pants in my sewing class… I’ll post a picture after I finish them.  This week is our last class.  We’re already talking about taking another one after the holidays.  It’s been a lot of fun, besides the fact that I’m actually learning something useful, and I have to say, it’s very therapeutic.  It’s hard to be a SAHM, where it’s difficult to actually see the results of your hard work – I mean, sure the fact that Jack is in one piece at the end of the day is saying a lot, but really, there’s no one to say “great work” and this is all very hard to explain… but I’m sure you know what I’m getting at.  Anyway, to go to this class, learn something, MAKE something, and get into the groove of things and sort of zone out in your work – well, to me that’s therapeutic.  To make a short story long.
  6. Speaking of the holidays… it’s almost that time of year again!  Woo Hoo!  And you may recall… I have a little thing about the holidays.
  7. Our anniversary celebration was fantastic… in case you were wondering.  We ate way too much and love every second of it.  Especially the breakfast in bed.  And would you believe that I was up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7:30am, while Jack was home, sleeping in until 8am!!  The kid never sleeps that late.  Figures. 
  8. I am rather fired up for my anniversary gift… which is scheduled for Friday… a facial and a massage.  Can’t wait, can’t wait!!

Ok, that’s enough for now.  I’ll have some pictures later in the week of the stink pot.

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Busy Busy


Ok, so we have had a crazy busy week and THANK GOD it’s FRIDAY!  Woo Hoo!  You know why (besides the fact that, well, it’s FRIDAY – hello- the end of the week)… because tomorrow E and I are celebrating our anniversary with a night out (sans baby) on the town.  A lovely dinner, drinks, and dessert, a gigantic hotel bed, no one to wake us earlier than 9 am… besides maybe room service!!  Woo Hoo breakfast in bed!  Yeah!  Ok, so can you tell I’m excited?  I’m beside myself actually.

Thanks to all of you for the comments!  And for all of the new comers, thanks for delurking.  Woo Hoo!  Hope you’re enjoying all of the exclamation points today, people!  It’s Friday!  Ok, gotta run.  Need shoes for tomorrow night… or I’m going to have to go barefoot.  And that just will not happen.

Happy Friday!  And have a greet weekend!

Oh!  Almost forgot… for those of you waiting for some goods on me… I’ll answer LMM’s questions from her comment.  Yes, we did find out the sex of Jack before he was born.  We actually picked out Jack’s name years ago (maybe 5?)… as well as our girl name.  But when I was prego I wasn’t so sure that he should be “Jackson” so we made a list (of 24).  One night we were watching the Watch the Line DVD and while the song “Jackson” was playing, Jack went nuts.  He was just kicking and bouncing all over the place.  And we laughed our heads off and decided, Jack it was.  Any other questions?  I could make a list (imagine that!)… and make a post out of it.  Hmmm…

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