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I Bet You Thought I Quit

Well, I didn’t. It’s been absolutely, wonderfully frigid here. And I’ve been enjoying hunkering down, for once, because of the cold rather than the heat. But, quite honestly, I have had absolutely nothing to report on. Sure, the Jacker-doodle is changing so much these days and talking up a storm… saying pretty much everything you ask him to say and then some. It’s been a lot of fun just watching/being part of the whole transition. In addition to the talking/communication he’s also going through his first real bout of separation anxiety. I may have said he went through this before, I just don’t remember because it seems like he has always been so incredibly independent and flexible. Well, now, not so much. He’s a mama’s boy and a daddy’s boy. Big time. And he’s even been a little shy lately. Which is totally weird for him. But I have to admit, I’m liking the fact that he actually needs me. Because seriously, at the rate he was going I thought he’d be out of the house and living in his own apartment at 7.

So.  Enough of all that.  Here’s some pictures!


We have been watching WAY too much television lately.  I cannot beelieve it!  Especially Little Einsteins.


pat pat pat pat pat


Calling Poppa on his matchbox camper… just wondering if he’s seen Ralphie.


WOOO HOOO!  Somebody is a little fired up… guess who’s coming to visit today?!?  Toot’s.  I’ll have plenty of pictures from his visit later in the week. 

Hope you’re all doing well and having a good week!


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So this photo pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling lately.  Oh how I love January.  Such a cruddy month.  Post holiday crash, winter blues, financial lockdown (don’t ask), and cabin fever… oh, January.  As you may recall, it was not long ago that I was bitching because it was hot, in December.  Now, I could bitch all day because it’s colder than a witches tit.  By the way, what the hell does that mean?  And well, bitching doesn’t do the blog any good.  Because you all don’t want to hear about how I haven’t left my house yet today, but I managed to load the dishwasher, vacuum the downstairs and drink a diet coke.  And that Jack likes to eat avocado today, but not tomorrow.  Or how lately I feel like I want chocolate every 3 minutes.  And how every time I dig into my stash of chocolate covered caramels from the dollar bin at Target, Jack will drop everything and run over to me, while YELLING, “bite? bite? bite? peese? bite?”  At which I reply, “No, Jack, you don’t want thiiisss.  It’s mommy’s medicine.”

So.  I think I may go in to hibernation for a while.  I’ll still be here.  And I’ll post occasionally.  When I have something interesting to discuss.  Like how Jack took one look at his blueberry pancakes yesterday and said, “boo in der.”  That’s right Jack, there’s blue in there.  haha.  Or, you know, if this whole writer’s strike resolves itself (or whatever) then we can talk about how Carlos is BLIND!?!  Or how obscenely funny Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin are and that Tina Fey is a genius.  Or maybe we could talk about McDreamy and Rose…?!  I mean, SERIOUSLY!  Meredith and McDreamy BELONG together and are supposed live happily ever after in their McDream house!  Sorry about that.  Anyway, where was I?  Hibernation.  Well maybe not hibernation… just frequent naps and less posts.  We’ll see.  I’m not sure how long I can go without a list.  You know how I love lists.

Ok.  So that’s it for now.  I have a 1:30 meeting, I am late for, with Denise Austin to discuss blasting some fat with yoga.  Toodles!  Oh, I almost forgot.  We got some snow.

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Before I get started, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the delurking… it’s good to see/hear from everyone and to know that you’re still reading!  I do know that there’s plenty of you out there that still refuse to comment… I know you’re there!  There are little birds everywhere telling me!!  haha!  Ok, so clearly I’m losing it.  Anyway, so this is going to be quick because I’ve been slacking off lately and I really need to get cracking on a few things… like for instance, Jack’s book.  His scrapbook.  It has like three pages done in it and I really need to get going.  For one reason, I’m going to forget some of this stuff and secondly,.. I need to get it done before we have another bambino. 

No I’m not pregnant.  Not yet.  And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I want to be.  But things are not as predictable these days… if you get my drift.  So the process (without going into too many details) has not been as easy as it was with Jack.  With Jack I went off the pill at the end of May and was pregnant by July.  So, with that being said (now that all – well, most – of my cards are on the table… or however that saying goes) we’re working on it.  So keep your fingers crossed.

Let’s see… what’s new with Jack.  My little man.  I can’t believe how much he is changing.  Once we got back from celebrating Christmas with my family in Michigan, and then finally got over being sick, Jack just woke up one day and was a totally different kid.  I tell him to “use his words,” and he does.  Here are a few of his current words: milk (miewwk), outside (auw-siiide), ralphie (raie), doggie, kittie (meeow meeow), Sophie, water (wauer), lion, alligator (I can’t even remember it but it’s hilarious), up, down, no, stop, bye-bye, and my favorite poppa.  He loves his poppa (grandpa).  He also loves TV.  His current favorites are Elmo, Curious George and Little Einsteins (Iii-Iii).   I think I’ve watched our Little Einsteins DVD 750 times.  And between the intro song to that show and the They Might be Giants kids CD I told you about recently, I am losing sleep.  Those songs get into your head and will not leave.  There is nothing worse than waking up at 3am with “Go go go, go for G!” in your head.  Ahhhahahaha!  I loved it at first, but seriously, it’s killing me already.  I need to get some new mom-friendly-kid music… PRONTO!

The turkey loves to put his feet on the table.  While he is eating.  And seriously, I’m not sure what to do to get him to stop.  It is driving me nuts.  All of his socks have stains all over them.  He knows I hate it.  So I’m damned if I get on him to stop and I’m damned if I ignore it.  Because once he gets it in him to do it – and usually he’ll warn me he’s about to (u,u,uahh!) – he does it until I get him down from the table.  Any ideas how to get him to knock it off??  Also, he is still throwing food all over the place.  Another subject that I’m damned if I do anything about and I’m damned if I don’t.

Ok.  So I know this is a short and rather lame post… but I’ve got to go through my old post to write down milestones and other scrapbook ideas!!  Hope you’re all having a good week!!

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Another list!  I bet you’re surprised!  And guess what?!  It’s national delurking week!  So take a second to leave me a comment (all five of you readers out there) and delurk!  Ok, so I know I just did the delurking think a little while ago… but I’m still curious.

  1. We are totally not into kid’s music around here.  It’s terrible, I know, but I am just not one of those moms that decide, after the birth of their first child, that I’m going to turn over the music selections to my newborn.  I was actually in a playgroup with a girl who had a six month old (around the same age as Jack) and they only listened to Baby Einstein or something along those lines, when she was in the car with her bambino.  Yikes.  That is just not me… but we’ve recently purchased one for Jack.  We’ve joined the club.  But it’s a little different.  Check it out.  We’re really liking it.
  2. I’ve been (sort of) in the market for a new hand bag.  It’s not that I need one… I love my current one and it’s in great condition, but it’s just not very practical.  It’s very heavy, and the handles are too short to put it over my shoulder.  So I end up carrying it on my forearm, which is, at times painful because I usually have it stuffed to the max with all kinds of crap (toys, ralphie, a sippy cup… God forbid I actually use the diaper bag).  And it’s pretty easy to stuff to the max.  Because it’s too small.  So I stumbled across this recently and the green is so me.  It’s pretty close to my current purse (which is blue… I know, I like a classic look with an unusual twist).  But then I also found this!  And it comes in green!  Ohh but the price tag is a little hefty.  Ouch.
  3. Speaking of green… I can’t find them on the internet anywhere, but I just got these in green.  I love them.  And Jack does too.  He was in bed with us one morning (when we were all sick) and he crawled out (still in his sleep sack) and got into the shoe box and put my new shoes on over his sleep sack.  Talk about hi-larious.
  4. Well, apparently it’s almost swim season… or resort season.  Something I rarely get to partake in.  But surprisingly enough, with all the bitching I’ve been doing about the weather, I still don’t mind perusing the swim suits.  I love this one and this one (like I’ll ever wear a top like that again – oh wait, I never did in the first place). 
  5. This is so me.  Well, I’d like to think it is… I love the look of a turquoise necklace with a black outfit.  
  6. These are such a classic.  I can just see Jack and Ein a matching pair… haha!  He’d kill me.
  7. What is it about this time of year that makes me want to redecorate &/or spruce up the joint?  I’d love to switch out some of my bland colors in my formal living room for something totally different – like this.
  8. That will have to wait because the next room on my list is Jack’s.  I’m really fired up to get going on his big boy room.  Not because I need to, but really because I’m tired of that room being a big white empty space.  Besides that, we need a place to put Jack’s new table! Ok, so wait until you see what I have picked out.  So cute!!
  9. Have you seen all of the new cute stuff at PBK?  Like this and this (oh the choices!) and these.  Too cute.
  10. Lastly, I thought I’d share what I’ve been drinking 24/7 lately.  We finally have squirt!  Woo Hoo!  Who doesn’t love that grapefruity zip?! haha!

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We’re finally feeling better around here… well, Jack and I are.  E is still a little under the weather.  I have about a bazillion things I could blog about right now… like a New Years post (even though I don’t do resolutions), a post about all of our fantastical presents (Jack’s mainly, because his are way more fun to report on – with all of the stories that go along with them), or a Love List (which I already have plenty of things to talk about), or even TV (which, surprise, surprise I haven’t even done yet this season – and I still have plenty to talk about, despite this ridiculous writer’s strike, which apparently is going to go on forever), but instead I’ll just give you a few new pics from my new camera (woo hoo!!).  Ok, I have to say, I’m so fired up about this camera I could puke.  I’m having so much fun with it.  I seriously want to make a career out of it someday.  Ok, so now I’m getting ahead of myself.  Enjoy the photos…

sniffley little happy camper

He’s still a little sick in this one… and you can totally tell.  What a cutie.

sickly little man

I see trouble in that face right there.

Jayden outside?

Somebody misses playing with his girlfriend.


Check out the new T-shirt Jack got for Christmas from his little buddy Jilly.  Thanks M&P!!

Woo Hoo, who knew how fun the chiminea could be?!

Ok, so can you believe we were playing outside?  Without jackets?  It’s crazy how nice it is here.  We did manage to get some absolutely freezing days just in time for Christmas… but it’s about 70 right now.  Nuts.


He just looks like trouble.  And he is.

Stopping to smell the bush. Whatever.

Don’t ask.

Is he gone?

Sophie loves having someone to run around the yard with.  I think at this point she was ready for him to go inside.


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Christmas 2007

Ok.  So here’s the story.  I’m sick.  Again.  Oh wait.  You never heard about the first time.  Maybe I should make a list.

  1. Thursday, Dec. 20:  Visit evil Santa at mall.  Jack freaks out.  I feel “funny” that night.
  2. Friday, Dec. 21:  Visit doctor for regular thyroid checkup (I have hypothyroidism) with Jack.  Genius idea, I know.  I definitely have the beginnings of a cold.  Doctor says, “No flu shot for you!”
  3. Saturday, Dec. 22:  E’s first day off for the next week.  I am in full-on-head-cold mode.  Sick and in bed.  Thank goodness E is off work.
  4. Monday, Dec. 24:  All better!  Make cookies!  Pack for our trip to MI!  Put out Christmas presents for in-laws!  Make appetisers etc. for Christmas Eve get-together with E’s parents!  Party-time!  Excellent!
  5. Tuesday, Dec. 25:  Feeling 100%.  Fun fun fun Christmas morning.  E makes his perfect pancakes and Jack drinks syrup because it’s Christmas, by golly!  Christmas party that night with E’s parents, bro & sis-in-law & her parents.
  6. Wednesday, Dec. 26:  Fly to MI.  Awesome.  Jack is evil demon child and throws many a fit.  E and I are purple we are so embarrassed at one point and then I have fire coming out of my nose at one point and finally we are both laughing hysterically at his ludicrously-ridiculous behavior.  No one else is laughing.  Party with my Mom, her hubs (Phil) and his kids (and their families) that night.
  7. Thursday, Dec. 27:  Hang out with Toots!
  8. Friday, Dec. 28:  Christmas with Mom, Phil, my brothers and my older brother’s family.  Woo Hoo!  Superfun!
  9. Saturday, Dec. 29:  Christmas with my Dad and my older brother and his family.  Woo Hoo!  Jack is scared of my Dad.  Yikes!  But eventually he shares Ralphie with him… the ultimate sacrifice for my child.  He must really love him a lot.  Just totally scared of his mustache, I’m sure.
  10. Sunday, Dec. 30:  Camryn, my niece, is very sick with a fever when we leave.  PLG.  She was so sweet. Fly home. Boo Hoo. Very sad.
  11. Monday, Dec. 31:  Uh, oh.  I’m not feeling well.  Consider going to the gym.  Naw.  E is home early from work!  Yeah!  Eat pizza and drink wine!  Do my new fat blasting yoga DVD.  Not a good combination (Pizza, wine, then yoga).  Stay up til 12 watching some random movie on TV.
  12. Tuesday, Jan. 1:  Happy New Year!  Think about going to the gym.  Naw.  Very very sore.   And tired.  And my chest feels full of water.
  13. Wednesday, Jan. 2:  Sick sick sick.  In bed until noon.  E stays home.  And his mom comes over to watch Jack so he can get work done.  Jack’s little nose runs like a faucet but that doesn’t stop him from getting into trouble and whining like it’s his job.
  14. Today.  Feeling a little better.  But I’m not sure because I’m so drugged up that I don’t know my right from my left… oh, wait, I don’t normally know my right from my left.  Jack is coughing up a storm.  Not sure if he’s getting/has this or not.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for… click on the boob cookies below to get to the web album.

Boob Cookies

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