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What a title!  Does it suck you right in?  I mean, seriously, I bet you are on the edge of your seat just waiting to read about random things.  Whatever.  Ok, so is February over yet?  Is it me or has this been the longest most boring “shortest month of the year” of all time??  So enough about that… let’s get to the list of random things.

  1. Jack loves black olives.  This is so random to me.  Do people really eat black olives?  They’re not horrible, but really, I just don’t get how anyone can love them.  He also loves raisins (not so random), bee cookies (not random at all), and pickles (totally random and zero nutritional value whatsoever).
  2. My boy knows his colors.  Well, I think he does.  He has identified orange, yellow, blue and purple, but will occasionally call something green purple or something red yellow.  So, actually I have no idea if he knows his colors or not.
  3. Today in the car we counted the other cars.  He started, “two… two… two… four!”  Then I started over at one and stopped after five and he says, “six, seven, eight, nine, four!” 
  4. Our neighbors are putting in a new patio.  There is a jack-hammer right outside the window of the office.  It is such a relaxing way to spend my “me time,” while blogging.  Aaah.   There are a band of creepy looking men “working” on the new patio.  Who can’t seem to stop PEERING INTO MY HOUSE.  It is a damn good thing that I have in my possession a large rabid dog who likes to attempt to attack anyone (who comes within sight of any window in the house).  Yet another totally relaxing aspect to my day.
  5. I have enough Girl Scout cookies to last me until December.  And I am fairly certain I have eaten my weight in chocolate in the last week.  And cool whip.  What is it about cool whip?  Last night I opened a new container and it was cracked on the bottom.  And I almost cried.  Because I don’t have a back-up.  Geez.
  6. I was on a drug for a while to help me get back my favorite part of the month (if that makes sense) and it has turned me into a big bloated bitch.  I am so bloated that people are going to start asking me if I’m pregnant.  And if they do, I may go a little postal.  Because the hormones people, are completely out of control.  And it is awesome.  Got any chocolate??
  7. Ok, so I know it’s not all that cold, compared to what some you are dealing with, but it is fricking freezing here.  I am so ready for warm weather.  And flip-flops.  And t-shirts.  And having something to do besides boring indoor activities that usually lead to drawing on the walls and/or climbing on the kitchen table.
  8. Jack said “I love you” to E and I last night.  It rocked.  My kid is the best.  Seriously, the cuteness factor is over the top lately.  And he’s so funny.  I wish I could remember half of the stuff he says.  He says thank you, without being prompted (and when he snatches a toy from another child), he says please, but only when prompted and he says sorry mommy (or daddy) the instant he goes into time-out.  haha.  What a little turkey.

Ok.  So that’s it for now.  Obviously, there is nothing going on around here.  It’s cold and we have major cabin fever and E is now sick and pretty soon it’ll be me.  Hopefully not.  Wish me luck.  Hope you’re all having a great week!


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Roller Coaster

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated you all on what’s going on around here.  little charmer… full of piss and vinegarMainly because it’s blah month #2… and nothing much goes on around here during blah month #2.  The weather has been all over the place lately – one day it’s 65 and the next it’s 45 with 45 mile an hour winds.  And it seems that the roller coaster ride of temperatures has finally gotten to Jack and he’s come down with a cold.  Poor little turkey… but it’s not stopping him from being his usual, highly ambitious (to make mama crazy) self.

In other news, there is still no luck on the baby front.  It’s a very long story, which most of you know about already, I’m sure.  So I won’t go into details… besides, there are a few people out there that would probably appreciate not having to know the gory details of my lack of a period for four months.  Anyway, so I’ve discussed it all with my doctor and we’re “taking action” so we’ll see what happens from here on out.  Although it has been pretty frustrating (and sometimes extremely disappointing) to not have the success we had last time around, I’ve found that it has definitely made me so much more appreciative of what I do have.  I mean seriously, I have a beautiful child, who is healthy and happy, what else could I ask for?  And when things like this happen to me I always like to think that there is a reason for it.  Like, for instance, maybe I’m just not ready yet.  Or maybe Jack isn’t ready yet.  So, that sometimes helps to put things into perspective.

On a lighter note, I went out last week looking for something cute to wear out to dinner with E (to celebrate Valentine’s Day) and found the cutest jacket at Target!  Here it is… except the one I found was cream with a teal, yellow, and black retro-mod print, with black piping.  Sooo cute.  And it was only $24.99.  Man, I love Target.

One last thing.  Turkey boy woke up last night (completely inconsolable) and we were deliriously tired and brought him into bed with us.  And you’d think we were having a party.  He lays down, and I tell him to go sleepy.  He replies, “sleepy, go sleepy… sleepy, go sleepy.”  Sits up and says, “a TV?”  No Jack, no TV.  It’s time to go sleepy.  So he crawls over to me.  Kisses me.  Crawls over to E, kisses E.  “Sleepy, so sleepy.”  Finally I tell him to stop talking about it ALREADY!  And next thing I know, we are all laughing our asses off.  Having a party at 12:30am.  As we get all settled down, Jack sits back up and says, “a TV?”  Turkey.  Needless to say, I’m a little tired today.

Somebody got a haircut.

Check out the haircut.

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So my Epiphany post is a little belated this year.  No the kings were not late this year.  We just had a little delay in celebrating.  Anyway, of course I forgot my camera so I borrowed my father-in-law’s and unfortunately, for whatever reason, I didn’t do a bang up job with the pictures this year.  Somehow there were plenty of pictures of an almost naked Jack flirting with Liz… must have been the three glasses of wine I had. 


Crazy man Jack, in action.  Or should we just say Action Jackson?  By the way, this is pre-haircut.  Ignore whatever that is in it that is giving it the crusty effect.  Just a little lunch, I’m sure.

Handsome little man

Isn’t he the cutest kid ever?  I mean seriously.  Speaking of seriously… is it true that now that the writers strike is over that we’ll most likely not see any new shows anyway because it’s going to take 6 more weeks to get them on the air… which would normally put us at season finales?????  Pleasepleaseplease tell me no.  I can’t take this anymore.  Seriously.  If I have to watch another episode of Law and Order and Dirty Jobs I’m going to FREAK out.  Oh, and by the way, the one episode of Dirty Jobs I did managed to watch was (I am totally serious) literally a type of job that I would have to do in my pre-Jack career.

Post haircut… but you can’t see the hair.

So I took this picture today so that you could see his new haircut.  Yeah, you can’t see the hair.  Don’t worry you’re not missing much.  He was in such an out-of-control freak-out state during the haircut that I had to “fits it” when he was in the tub that night.  The entire time I was fixing it he said “fits it mama, fits it.”  Looks like I’m going to be the new baby barber.


Oh, and by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day!  I made cookies… shortbread with Ghirardelli chocolate.  Yumm.  Lord have mercy, I’m going to be so fat by the weekend.  All Jack can think about is coookies.  When I was putting him down for his nap today he  was saying goodbye and good night to everything in sight.  “bye-bye TV, bye-bye Sophie, bye-bye shoe, bye-bye cookies.”  I kid you not.  To celebrate we went Monkey Joe’s this morning (a building filled with those moon-walk jumping things… some have slides and obstacle courses etc.) then we had a little Arby’s date.  The kid loves him some curly fries.

self portrait

This is for my husband.  Because I’m sure he’s forgotten what I look like.  I hope you’re coming home early, honey.  Because I’m going to have all of that chocolate and those cookies gone soon… and I need someone to get it away from me!!


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Ok.  I’m well overdue for a love list, wouldn’t you say?  And before I get started I just wanted to let you all know that we are in the midst of what we call “financial lock-down” around here… which totally sucks.  Anyway, every January we have to put an end to the holiday extravaganza spending spree and launch into financial lock-down.  Which pretty much means no “unnecessary” spending.  No extravagant dinners, no more flats or jeans or cute tops for future possible events, no “I was bored so we went to Target and somehow spent 50 bucks on travel-sized products, toothbrushes and socks.”  Pretty much no fun at all.  Anyway, this is all of the stuff I’ve been drooling over for the past month and a half.

  1. Ok.  So I never thought I’d want a pair of yellow shoes.  But seriously, I love these shoes so much and am hoping that Nine West or Jessica Simpson comes up with a cheaper version because $375 for a pair of yellow shoes is not going to go well with the finance committee.
  2. I am all about short sleeved sweaters this time of year.  Especially this one and this one.
  3. Or cute little jackets, like this.
  4. But really, I can’t wait to be able to wear cute little dresses like this and this.  Or… this and this.
  5. And of course when it gets much warmer (oh, say a month or so… around here) I’ll be wearing something like this… I hope.
  6. I’m really into necklaces lately… chunky, long, and of course beads.  I loove beads.
  7. But for now I’ll have to stick with my regular jeans and t-shirts… and I’ll dream about more jeans and t-shirts.

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Jack’s little buddy Toots (aka Gavin) came to visit last week… and his mom, my bff, Andrea.  We had a great time playing with the kids at the playgroup, jumping around at Monkey Joe’s, playing toys, reading, eating crayons, fighting over the drill, and spending lots of time in time-out!  No, seriously, it was a great visit and we were both sad to see them go.  After we dropped them off at the airport, Jack did laps around the house looking for Gavin, calling, “Davin?  Daaavin?”  All I have to say is PLG.  Too cute.

Andrea and I have the pleasure of being married to two very hard working husbands who bring home the bacon (which is not anything to complain about)… so we get to spend lots of time maintaining the household while talking on the phone, cooking whatever we can get our manorexic bambinos to eat, cleaning, doing laundry, picking up, running errands, teaching the children French and Spanish, and multiplication tables, you know… doing the usual things that need to be done, but unfortunately we don’t get to spend much time with our husbands.  So we try to make it a priority to make the trip to see each other (sans E or H) especially when they are as busy as they’ve been.  Anyway, here’s a few pictures from their visit.  We miss you guys already!

Slide! Reading Uh, yeah, that’s my truck, buddy. 

TV Teri Hatcher Somebody is bored without his buddy Gavin.

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