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of the boys club!  It’s definitely a boy!  I saw his little manhood with my own eyes.  And practically shouted to the ultrasound tech, “IS THAT A PENIS?!

I had a funny feeling it was a boy.  I went to get on the elevator the other day, after a long walk on the beach (and I had been wondering if it was a boy or girl), and there was a little blue bootie on the ground.  Then yesterday, the Nordstrom piano player was playing the song with one (of the ten or so) of our boy names, and Jack told me it was a “beautiful song.”


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18 weeks

Boy or girl?

We find out tomorrow…

I’ll let you know and hopefully I can post some pictures from our Memorial Day beach weekend as well.

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Ok, so not the best picture ever, but it’s a picture.  Check out that totally ridiculous hair.  Poor kid.  I just can’t bring myself to take him to get it done with all of the freaking out he does.  And well, my version of a haircut is just not good.  Period.


What a chatterbox he is these days.  And when he gets all excited about something he’ll start spewing out every word and phrase he knows.  “Clock broken-alarm fixed-daddy fixed it-time out-no sir-please okay-car wash-car ride-get down!”  A little what it’s like… although it’s hard to put into words.  And it’s all without a breath.

On a completely different note, I’m back to feeling good again… let’s hope that I didn’t just jinx myself.  In case you haven’t noticed I put a new widget in the side bar (that’s dork-speak for something to click on over to the right) which will link to my photo albums – currently, the only one listed is the belly photos.  So if you’re dieing to see my belly progress (and there ARE people who want to see this stuff, like my mom for instance) click away.

We’ve had a busy week of doing the usual.  I’m not sure what all we do, but somehow we manage to stay busy 90% of the time.  Still no news on the house to report, but we’re hanging in there.  Jack is “penciled in” to a preschool program for the fall.  Which was quite the last minute decision for me… something that I had sort of been kicking myself about all spring.  I sort of lost interest and wasn’t really sure I was ready to send him off so soon, when we were researching places in the fall (last fall) and then well, I got knocked up and he turned two and well, let’s just say I changed my mind.  And as luck would have it, one of the better preschools (or so I’ve been told) in the area, which is rather difficult to get into, just happened to have an opening and someone passed the word to me.  And voila!  Here we are going for a tour tomorrow and signing up for the fall… which starts right after Labor Day weekend!  Wowza.  This hasn’t totally sunk in just yet and I have a feeling I’ll be doing a little crying when it finally does.

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A Little R & R

Ok. So we survived the beach trip… and managed to enjoy ourselves (which included something fantastic called Rita’s frozen custard) while we were at it.  Despite the lack of sleep, which I’m not even going to discuss.  Because it was not pretty.  But we E did manage to talk Jack into taking a three hour nap (I’m not exaggerating the “talking him into it part,” this kid is easily brainwashed by his father) on Saturday, so that I could spend some time alone at the beach, reading and sunning the parts of my body that didn’t get covered by my new continuous spray spf lotion, no rub! no mess!  Yeah, I love it.  But I recommend rubbing, no matter what they say.  Anyway, it was absolutely luxurious to be alone, reading, on a beach, by myself, on a beach, reading, all alone by myself.  Luxurious.  Honestly, I’m thinking of taking a trip, for my birthday, by myself.  Sure I love and miss my husband and never get to see him and I love my kid and totally dig spending time with him, but we are rapidly approaching a time when I am not sure I will ever pee alone again.  Let alone read.  Or eat.  And it’s funny, because I hate being lonely.  I just really like my “ME” time.  Call me selfish.  Don’t care.  It makes me sane and gives me some peace.  Anyway, so enough about that.  Here are a few pictures.  Hope all of you mothers out there had a great day.  Jack got me some chocolate, belly lotion, and a pedicure.  Just what I needed.

shadow walking on water chasing birds sand castle

matchy-matchy MMmm, I CEEM Is there something on my face?

Look at my cute outfit. My boys sunset

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Happy Mother’s Day

I swear he had a bathing suit on... up until about five minutes before this shot.  Poor kid kept tripping over it because it kept falling down.

So here’s my fantastical maternity tent bathing suit.  And I know the swimmer diaper is a little WT… he was just too skinny for his swim suit and kept tripping over it.


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Up and Down

So, yeah, that emotional rollercoaster I’ve talked about in the past.  Um, well, it’s totally out of control.  You know those awful, old-school, wooden rollercoasters, that you may have loved as a kid but nowadays you absolutely cannot ride because they shake the ever living shit out of you, rattling your brain inside your head, while your arms are crossed across your chest in order to keep things under control, rounding corners smacking you back and forth against the sides of the cart.  Then you get off and you have a permanent headache for the remainder of the day.  That is what I am on. 

I suppose that’s what I get for blabbing about, “feeling great!” in my last post.  Yeah.  I was promptly taken over by some sort of evil demon wave of hormones after writing that post.  So.  The hormones.  Number one problem.  I suppose.   I started my new perscription for my thyroid, and was, quite honestly, excited at the outcome.  I was feeling good, entering into the second trimester with lots of energy, only to hear that I should have even more energy (that’s one of the major side effects to having hypothyroidism) and should be feeling EVEN better before I knew it.  Right.  So, I only seem to be feeling more tired.  And worn out and emotionally frazzled.  Every time I talk to my mom or E on the phone, my eyes well up with tears and I just want to lay down and bawl.  The other day I just about freaked out because my day was so jam-packed with things to do.  But really, the only important thing to accomplish was voting.  Which took approximately 10 minutes, which to my disappointment, made no difference because my candidate did not win NC.  But really, that’s not really a good reason to be all that disappointed, considering the current state of the country – there is only one direction we’ll be moving, no matter who our next president is.  Anywho, let’s not go down that road. 

So, E has been workworkworking 24/7 and traveling and normally I can take it all in stride.  But for whatever reason, I am having to improvise and make dinner at lunch-time, so that there is an actual dinner, because by the time dinner-time rolls around I’m so tired all I want to do is sit very still on the couch and watch Jack give his toys time-outs (which is a post all in itself people).  And you know, there’s more to the day than making dinner, like buying milk, and climbing the stairs, and giving baths, and taking showers (well, not every day, these days).  And I just can’t skip dinner, or even just make waffles or eat a bowl of cereal, because this baby is HUNGRY and must be fed every two (yes, I’m not exaggerating) hours and every so often it must be a meal (with substance), otherwise I get all yucky and sweaty and shakey and feel like I’m going to faint.

So this weekend, starting Friday, we’re headed to the beach.  E has a work thing (shocker) so we have decided to take advantage of it and make a weekend out of it with Jack… which quite honestly I’m a little worried about, because Jack doesn’t really nap or sleep (at all) well outside of his own bed (which is ridiculous).  See what a negative funkity funk I’m in… we’re going to the beach, as a family for some rest and fun in the sun and all I can do is worry about who may or may not sleep.  Ug.  I need a big tall glass of shut the hell up.

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