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E here . . .

Theodore (“Teddy”) Evan George
8 lbs, 6 oz
20.5 inches
4:17 pm

Mom and baby are doing well.


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Quick Status Update

So, it looks like we’ll be having a baby tomorrow.  I wish I could say that I toughed it out and waited until he was ready.  And although I feel like I should, I just can’t bear to explain to one more person why I feel it’s necessary to induce this labor.

But really, after that exam this morning… where she “slightly stripped” my membranes without warning (which felt like she reached up and cleared out my sinuses) I am not quite sure I’ll make it to tomorrow morning.  Talk about some strong contractions.  Lordy.  So, we’ll see.  Either way, he’s coming!

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Still. Here.

No baby yet.  But I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.  And I’m fairly certain that I’ll be begging for her to induce me immediately.  Because seriously, the pain and discomfort I’m dealing with at this point is making me crazy.  I am literally watching the clock all day long, waiting for contractions.  And after several days without any, I’ve actually had a busy day today. 

The fact that I’ve had several contractions today is not getting my hopes up in any way at all… I spent all Thursday and Friday of last week with contractions 10 minutes apart.  Called the doctor’s office, concerned that I had to be progressing and afraid that my water would break and I’d already be 5cm.  So they had me come in.  And of course I had to see Dr. McDreamy… I’m not sure you recall, but I HIGHLY embarrassed myself, in front of him while (heavily drugged) I was in labor with Jack.  Anywho, he confirmed for me that I was, in fact, NOT in labor.  STILL only 2cm dilated.  And was dealing with a little FALSE LABOR.  dammit.  So, for now, I am ignoring all contractions.  Sort of. 

In other news, I’ve also been struggling with the most ridiculous ligament pain in my lower abdomen.  By the early evening, it is difficult to walk, lift my legs (especially one at a time), climb the stairs, roll over in bed, and my favorite get out of bed… blah blah blah.  It sucks.  And if I have a particularly busy day, I am beside myself with pain and discomfort.  Soooo… with any girlfriend, late in pregnancy, I’d be telling her to walk walk walk – that’s always good!  And that’s all I want to do, but if I do, I feel terrible.  So I sit.  And watch the clock.  OK, that’s enough bitching.  I’m so over listening to myself complaining.  Mom, I feel so bad for you… listening to me piss and moan two sometimes three times a day… it must be killing you.

So while I’m sitting and watching the clock, enjoy some pumpkin carving photos!

An old pro at scooping out the goop.

An old pro at scooping out the goop.


The finished product.

The finished product.

Having a conversation with Grandpa's pumpkin... this was right after he tried to feed the pumpkin.

Having a conversation with Grandpa's pumpkin.

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The turkey boy has taken a back seat in the blog-world lately… so I thought it was about time I posted some cute pictures of our little handful (which is an understatement these days).  He’s been giving us a run for our money these days and the whining is enough to send us to the brink, but he couldn’t possibly be any cuter.  And the stuff coming out of his mouth these days is just hilarious.  What a kid.

This one is from a week or so ago.  Grandma and Grandpa Z were babysitting and got some great shots of him swinging in the backyard.  Man, he’s a cutie.

Grandma and Grandpa Z took Jack to the mountains this Saturday for some outside fun and a picnic with Aunt Robbin and Uncle Christopher.  Jack was beside himself before leaving, going on and on about “go to the mountains, Grandpa and Grandpa,” (his way of saying Grandma and Grandpa), “go see Aunt Robbin!!”  The boy loves his Aunt Robbin.

Throwing rocks with Uncle Christopher.  Thanks for the great photos Grandpa Z.

E and I took Jack to the “pumpkin patch” this weekend to pick out some pumpkins.  What a hoot.  He was so fired up and took the whole process so seriously.  I took about 700 photos and got about two with him looking at the camera.  Oh, the joy of taking a toddler’s picture.

So, it was a great weekend.  We had a nice little break from the turkey boy and were able to get a boat-load of things accomplished… my hair is done and the guest room is officially ready.  And then we had a nice relaxing family day on Sunday – no pressure, no errand running to do, no contractors in the house.  Just a beautiful fall day, hanging out together.

I had my 39 week appointment this morning… and I’m still at 2 cm.  We didn’t discuss the whole induction topic any further, mainly because I’m not really that interested (right this second) in “rushing” the whole process.  Hopefully, things will just happen soon, so I can have a little relief.  I’m not scheduled to go back until next week Wednesday (my due date)… so we’ll see what happens.

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The Nursery

Here it is!!  We’re officially ready for baby.  Well, once I get my hair done tomorrow and we get a new guest bed for Grammy’s visit… then we’ll really be ready.  I think.

In other news… I’m 2cm dialated and feel like shit.  Woo Hoo!!  But my doctor is talking about inducing me next week.  Sooo… we’ll see.  I haven’t decided one way or another just yet.  But if I continue to feel this bad, I may have to take her up on it.

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38 Weeks and Contracting

38 weeks

38 weeks

So, yes, I’m contracting.  Although, no patterns.  But I’m contracting enough to be sore from all of the contractions.  And I am. so. tired.  It’s killing me.  Can you tell?  I mean seriously, I look like crap.  The bags under my eyes!  I could carry all of my stuff for the hospital in them!  Agh!  They most likely have something to do with the sobbing I did at preschool today.  Yeah.  Somebody goes from being totally fine with Mommy leaving to NOT OK WITH THIS AT ALL.  And when you have today’s snack in one arm (including one too many juice boxes to hold comfortably) and a backpack and jacket and ralphie in the other hand and someone is screaming to HOLD ME MOMMY! HOLD ME!  and the contraction you’re having is so intense that it takes your breath away, well, you just might lose it and start bawling right there in front of everyone. 

But hey, that’s not nearly as embarrassing as having the landscaper turn the sprinkler right next to you on, while you are pulling Jack out of the car with one arm and have an armload of crap in the other arm, all while the remaining two landscapers, the guy installing the gas line, and the three cabinet people stare from the driveway.  Yeah, it’s so awesome to have your arms full, while you and your 26.5 pound two year old (who insists on being held, constantly) are soaking wet, to walk up our particularly steep driveway with an audience.  Not embarrassing.  Anywho, I’m ready.  To have this baby.

Doctor’s appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning!  Including an ultrasound.  I’ll keep you posted on the details.  Wish me luck.  Oh and I should have the cushions to the rocker in my possession soon… then I’ll have pictures of the nursery.  I promise.

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Five Years


Happy Anniversary, Honey.


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