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Ok, so I’m a little behind these days.  All I have to say is did you see this??  Yeah, I wasn’t joking.  Life is totally nuts around here.  Nuts, but good.  And poor little Teddy is getting neglected in the blog updates these days… so I thought I’d give you the low down on what the little man is up to these days.  In list form because, well, just because.

  1. We are officially finished with the helmet!  Woo Hoo!  Last Tuesday was our last visit with the specialist.  She suggested that we go ahead and keep him in it for one more week, since it still fit (even though his measurements were perfectly symmetrical blah blah blah) and I just sort of nodded, “mmm hmm, right, yeah…” but was really thinking, “ooooor not.”  The end.  So we’re done!  Let me tell you that was the longest, hottest (not really, but with all the sweating that poor kid was doing it seemed like it couldn’t possibly get any more uncomfortable), sweatiest, stinkiest (let me tell you that thing made my sweet, precious, bundle of chubby love smell like a sweaty sock), longest three months of my life.  Whew!  Thank goodness we’re done, just in time for our annual Michigan beach vacation.
  2. Well, our little champ continues to measure in at enormous lengths.  He was in the 97th percentile for height at 30.5 inches at his nine month check up.  He was only in the 50th percentile for weight at 20.5 lbs. (he continues to weigh in exactly one pound heavier than Jack was at this age) and his head was in the, I want to say 75th percentile.  Not the orange on a toothpick his brother was at this age.
  3. So, let’s see, the little turkey is army crawling at the speed of light.  He occasionally will crawl on all fours, but it takes so much more concentration and skill, both of which he has no time for.  He pulls up to his knees and investigates random things while sort of sitting/kneeling there.  He just started to pull up to standing in his crib and other random places and he absolutely loves to pull up in the pack ‘n play, so that he is at the same height as Jack.  They could not be any cuter, poking at each other and nuzzling into each others necks.  Teddy pulls Jack’s hair and “pats” his head and face, all the while Jack is particularly patient and sweet about it.  Jack loves to roll around on the floor with him and Jack is not what I would call gentle with him in the least, but I’ve discovered, after much yelling and intervening, that Teddy enjoys any attention Jack will give him and he’ll let me know if Jack has crossed a boundary.  Oh, yes he will.
  4. Teddy certainly did not waste any time finding is voice in this household.  And he certainly does not have any problem holding his own.  Which is quite a feat considering the mouths on Jack and myself.  He is a screamer.  And it is unfortunate, but I am quite sure that we have become one of those families referred to as a loud family.  He’s may possibly have perfected the art of fit throwing.  Which is incredible to believe possible at such a young age.  Oh, but he can throw them, like a champ, arching his back and using that one specific variety of scream saved for special occasions, like torture, all the while turning a shocking shade of magenta.  But for the most part he is very laid back.  Only fussing or throwing fits when he is tired or hungry.
  5. Speaking of food… this kid can put down some food.  He’s like a Labrador, he’ll eat and eat and eat until he throws up.  It is totally ridiculous.  It’s so strange to me, since Jack is the exact opposite, rarely eating everything on his plate.  Anywho, with as much as he eats in a day he still manages to wake up at 5:30 – 6am absolutely starving.  If I could only get him to sleep until 7am.
  6. Teddy loves women.  Especially his Grandma Z and mommy.  When we are standing next to each other it’s totally ridiculous to see him go back and forth between the two of us.  I happen to enjoy the fact that he is a mama’s boy.  I love it.  I love that he can be completely fine with E, only to completely lose his shit once he gets a glimpse of me.  I can’t help it, it makes me feel important.
  7. Let’s see, what else… he climbs stairs, he waves “hi” and “bye bye,” he mimics the word hi, he babbles dada, mama, baba, and I am fairly certain that he has tried to say “Jack.”  He is quite the little man.  He is such a sweet, happy, cuddley, goofy, little addition to our family.  And we’re having so much fun watching him grow up along side his big brother.




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