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Ok, so I’m a little behind these days.  All I have to say is did you see this??  Yeah, I wasn’t joking.  Life is totally nuts around here.  Nuts, but good.  And poor little Teddy is getting neglected in the blog updates these days… so I thought I’d give you the low down on what the little man is up to these days.  In list form because, well, just because.

  1. We are officially finished with the helmet!  Woo Hoo!  Last Tuesday was our last visit with the specialist.  She suggested that we go ahead and keep him in it for one more week, since it still fit (even though his measurements were perfectly symmetrical blah blah blah) and I just sort of nodded, “mmm hmm, right, yeah…” but was really thinking, “ooooor not.”  The end.  So we’re done!  Let me tell you that was the longest, hottest (not really, but with all the sweating that poor kid was doing it seemed like it couldn’t possibly get any more uncomfortable), sweatiest, stinkiest (let me tell you that thing made my sweet, precious, bundle of chubby love smell like a sweaty sock), longest three months of my life.  Whew!  Thank goodness we’re done, just in time for our annual Michigan beach vacation.
  2. Well, our little champ continues to measure in at enormous lengths.  He was in the 97th percentile for height at 30.5 inches at his nine month check up.  He was only in the 50th percentile for weight at 20.5 lbs. (he continues to weigh in exactly one pound heavier than Jack was at this age) and his head was in the, I want to say 75th percentile.  Not the orange on a toothpick his brother was at this age.
  3. So, let’s see, the little turkey is army crawling at the speed of light.  He occasionally will crawl on all fours, but it takes so much more concentration and skill, both of which he has no time for.  He pulls up to his knees and investigates random things while sort of sitting/kneeling there.  He just started to pull up to standing in his crib and other random places and he absolutely loves to pull up in the pack ‘n play, so that he is at the same height as Jack.  They could not be any cuter, poking at each other and nuzzling into each others necks.  Teddy pulls Jack’s hair and “pats” his head and face, all the while Jack is particularly patient and sweet about it.  Jack loves to roll around on the floor with him and Jack is not what I would call gentle with him in the least, but I’ve discovered, after much yelling and intervening, that Teddy enjoys any attention Jack will give him and he’ll let me know if Jack has crossed a boundary.  Oh, yes he will.
  4. Teddy certainly did not waste any time finding is voice in this household.  And he certainly does not have any problem holding his own.  Which is quite a feat considering the mouths on Jack and myself.  He is a screamer.  And it is unfortunate, but I am quite sure that we have become one of those families referred to as a loud family.  He’s may possibly have perfected the art of fit throwing.  Which is incredible to believe possible at such a young age.  Oh, but he can throw them, like a champ, arching his back and using that one specific variety of scream saved for special occasions, like torture, all the while turning a shocking shade of magenta.  But for the most part he is very laid back.  Only fussing or throwing fits when he is tired or hungry.
  5. Speaking of food… this kid can put down some food.  He’s like a Labrador, he’ll eat and eat and eat until he throws up.  It is totally ridiculous.  It’s so strange to me, since Jack is the exact opposite, rarely eating everything on his plate.  Anywho, with as much as he eats in a day he still manages to wake up at 5:30 – 6am absolutely starving.  If I could only get him to sleep until 7am.
  6. Teddy loves women.  Especially his Grandma Z and mommy.  When we are standing next to each other it’s totally ridiculous to see him go back and forth between the two of us.  I happen to enjoy the fact that he is a mama’s boy.  I love it.  I love that he can be completely fine with E, only to completely lose his shit once he gets a glimpse of me.  I can’t help it, it makes me feel important.
  7. Let’s see, what else… he climbs stairs, he waves “hi” and “bye bye,” he mimics the word hi, he babbles dada, mama, baba, and I am fairly certain that he has tried to say “Jack.”  He is quite the little man.  He is such a sweet, happy, cuddley, goofy, little addition to our family.  And we’re having so much fun watching him grow up along side his big brother.




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Ok, so I took a month off.  Yeah, I wasn’t really planning on it, but I was so tired of the blog after the 30 day thing and I kept saying I’d write something tomorrow until it was like today and it’s been over a month.  So, yeah, sorry about the ridiculous hiatus and all, hope I didn’t worry anyone.  So here’s an update on us, list style.  Because I’m feeling listy.

  1. Teddy.  My little tank.  Ted weighed in at his 6 month check up at about 18 and a half pounds.  I took him in last week, along with Jack (because Jack was sick) to have him checked out to see if he had an ear infection and at that point he was 19.5 pounds.  Then I took him in Wednesday (he was sick) and he was 20 lbs 2 oz.  Monster baby gained a pound in a week.  This kid amazes me.  Jack weighed in today (well visit… yeah, they’re getting really sick of seeing me) at 28 lbs.  hehe… Jack sprat…
  2. So the other day when we were at the doctor’s office… which time is not really relevant.  Anywho, I held my hand out to catch the elevator door and it CLOSED ON MY HAND.  Not kidding.  I managed to grab the door with my other hand to sort of hold it open, meanwhile screaming in my ridiculous scratchy voice, from being sick, “HELP ME HELP ME!!”  Not kidding.  Then finally I realized I could open the door by hitting the elevator call button.  So I did.  Nothing is broken.  I just have a ridiculous bruise and a sore hand and a big time bruised ego.  Yeah, I had to go back there today.  For another checkup.  Geez.  I think they all thought I was nuts.  They were all really sweet about it and took good care of me and all.  But seriously, I can’t believe I did that.
  3. Jack handled the whole elevator situation quite well.  Well, not at first he didn’t.  I thought he’d be traumatized for life.  But when we were leaving and the nurse and doctor were helping me out to the car (yeah, so I could feel stupid all the way to the car and they could see my complete wreck of a car and dig in my wreck of a purse full of dirty tissues to get my nasty keys out… geez) anywho, as we were all getting into the elevator on our way out, Jack says, “don’t do that again mommy… you got to be careful or you get your fingers pinched in the door.”  He reminded me again today as we arrived at the office.  Yeah, thanks.
  4. So.  E, my wonderful husband got me a fantastic mother’s day gift.  A plane ticket to Chicago to visit Andrea (my BFF) for a long weekend, by myself.  No children!  Woo Hoo!  So last week Jack got sick – bad cold with some wheezing we had to treat with a nebulizer (at urgent care) and an inhaler (at home).  He was finally better by Thursday and I was to leave on Friday morning.  But by Thursday evening I was coming down with it.  And by Friday I was sporting a sore throat and a cough.  Long story short I had a terrible sore throat, cough, hardly a voice at all and my head and ears were plugged up so I could barely hear anything at all pretty much all weekend.  Yeah, it was a major bummer.  We still had a good time shopping and hanging out but I was feeling pretty bad and wasn’t sleeping much at all at night.  So, I’m still pining away for a weekend away… just hoping that maybe I’ll get another trip away from home for my birthday.  Or something like that.  A girl can dream, right?
  5. Teddy is a rolling, scooting, tootin’ fool.  The tootin’ part was for fun.  Although he does poop like a champ.  Let me rephrase that.  He poops way too much.  I am changing, on average, six poopies a day… yes, I’m still changing Jack’s poopies too (I will revisit the potty training again soon… hopefully, but seriously if I wait long enough he’ll just do it himself, right?)… where was I?  Oh poopies.  Yeah, six a day, and one day I counted seven and then said “THAT’S ENOUGH!  I’VE OFFICIALLY HAD IT, YOU’VE HIT YOUR QUOTA FOR THE DAY AND YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME TO GET THAT ONE CHANGED.”  For real.  So, where was I… rolling.  So yeah, he’s been rolling around like it’s his job for about a month now.  He rolled over at about five months then didn’t do it again for a few weeks then a few weeks later he started rolling around the room – just like Jack used to.  He’s a little chunky (uh, ya think, maybe 20 lbs????) so he has a hard time getting his fat legs under him to push up to crawl, so I get the sense he won’t crawl much or if so it’ll be late.  He sits up without help – which is awesome.  I’ve been working on that for a few weeks.  Starting with the bumbo, then the boppy (for a little less support), then a crash pillow, and now he’s pretty solid.  With an occasional fall, usually due to a larger force (aka Action Jackson knocking him over for fun because it’s fun to make him cry).
  6. Jack is making me crazy.  I love him.  And he is so funny and fun.  But seriously.  He is making me crazy.  He has the devil in him.  The constant testing me and telling me no and the not listening and the freaking out I do on a regular basis to let him know that I’m almost crazy so you better get it together and listen to me mister or else you’ll see what crazy is all about, it’s all really making me crazy.  I do not enjoy the age of three.  The end.  I’m telling you.  The buttons have been pushed.  Oh have they been pushed my friends.  He says to me earlier today, “I’m sorry Mommy, I’m just acting like a lunatic.”  Don’t you know it.
  7. So that’s about it for now.  I’ve been busy.  Sick and busy.  So I apologize for the ridiculous hiatus without explanation, until now.  Hopefully I will be back on a more regular basis.  Hope you’re all doing well!!!

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Let me start by thanking everyone for the sweet comments from the last post.  I can’t tell you all how much I appreciated it… it really does help to know that you’re not the only one that’s been through or is going through these types of problems.  It seems to be getting better around here.  For now, at least.  I’ve taken the advice of a friend (besides the deep breathing, which helps us both tremendously… which we’ve been working on since you brought it up a while ago, Jean) and found ways to wear Jack out inside the house.  I bought him one of those balls with a handle that he can bounce around on.  I can pretty much be doing just about anything and ask him if he can bounce around the ottoman! bounce over to the couch! bounce to the TV and back! bounce out to the mailbox and grab the mail!  Ok, so maybe not the last one.  But you get the idea.  I’m half paying attention talking on the phone, feeding Teddy, or making dinner and he’s bouncing til he’s sweaty.  We also pulled out the castle… and that’s wearing him out too.  Although the bouncy ball in the castle is a disaster.

So I’m not sure I had the chance to update you all on Teddy’s four month well baby visit.  You’ll be glad to know he is in the 90th percentile for weight, height and head circumference.  And you know what that means!  Yes, his head is in perfect proportion to his body.  In all seriousness, this child is huge.  16 pounds 6 ounces, as of maybe two weeks ago, so I’m sure by know he’s probably 30 pounds.  I can barely carry him in his carseat anymore and have almost thrown my back out many times picking him up off of the floor.  I checked back on Jack’s stats at his four month visit and he was almost a pound less… and he was a pound less than Teddy when he was born, so it looks like Teddy is off to the same start as Jack.  Something tells me that he’ll be more than 29 pounds when he’s almost three though.  While we’re on the subject of comparing the two… I happened to be reading a few old posts from when Jack was about Teddy’s age.  And I was totally surprised.  I have these memories of Jack being a super high maintenance baby.  And I’m always telling people how laid back Teddy is.  But in the old posts I talk about how laid back Jack is… huh?  Apparently I’m the one who is a little more laid back this time around.  I guess.

So, let’s see, what else?  Teddy is much happier with tummy-time than Jack ever was.  He pushes up off of the floor with his arms and scoots around a little bit.  He can sit up pretty well, with help, so I’m thinking it won’t be long before he’ll be sitting unassisted.  And while he seems incredibly strong, he has absolutely no interest in rolling over.  He rolled over about two weeks ago from front to back – two times in one day – and hasn’t even tried since.  Turkey.  He’s pretty content doing just about anything, so I try to put things out of his reach to motivate him.  He’ll try for a minute or two and then he’ll move on to something else or get distracted by Action Jackson.  Maybe if I lay out a steak dinner that’ll motivate him.

When I took Teddy in for his four month well baby visit the doctor said she’d like me to take him to see a specialist for his flat spot.  Yes, he has a flat spot.  And let me start by saying that the kid spends all of his awake time on his tummy, in the exer-saucer or sitting in my lap.  He spends very little time flat on his back anymore, except for in the carseat (which isn’t flat on his back) and in bed.  I’ve noticed the spot for quite a while now and have been working on it.  Jack had the beginnings of one at his 2 month visit so I got plenty of information at that time on how to help the situation.  And let me tell you, I have pulled all the old tricks and nothing seems to be working.  And I know what the problem is.  The kid sleeps flat on his back.  Spread eagle.  Head straight up.  It doesn’t matter what I do, he somehow manages to get himself back into his zen position.  So, yeah, I’m hoping that we don’t have to go the helmet route.  I’m sure he’d love that.  But I suppose it would be better than that shelf on the back of his head.  I swear you could set your drink on it.  Poor kid.  I was just thinking… if he did have to get a helmet… we could put flame stickers on it and put some sun glasses on him and have his pictures done.  We could just tell his buddies when he’s in high school that he was really into the biking scene at the time.

Ok, I have so much more… Teddy’s eating oatmeal (not rice cereal – not a fan, just like his brother).  Jack helped make pancakes this weekend.  And I’ve finally taken pictures of the kitchen remodel.  I’ll try to get those up later in the week.

Jack helping Daddy make pancakes.  With his "rainbow shirt" on over his pj's.  I literally have to peal that shirt off of him when he's sleeping.

Jack helping Daddy make pancakes. With his "rainbow shirt" on over his pj's. I literally have to peal that shirt off of him when he's sleeping.

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Okay.  I’m coming to the realization that I may never get to the birth story.  And you all may have to live with it.  No, really, I have to get it down in words eventually.  Just not now.  Anywho, my brain is fried and I’m only feeling capable of a list to get my thoughts out.  So here it is…

  1. Teddy.  Oh my fat little man.  We had his one month well visit today and the big boy is well, big.  10 pounds, 12 ounces to be exact.  Talk about putting on the pounds.  I love it.  I love his fat little face and his fat little neck and his fat little rolls on his legs.  He’s a healthy little man.  75th percentile for weight and head circumference and 90th percentile for height… you know what that means, his head isn’t too big for his body!  Woo Hoo! 
  2. So part of the reason he is so fat is because we have switched over to formula.  I’m done with the boobs.  I know.  Already?  Well, without going into it… let’s just say that between the lactation consultant visits, and the breastfeeding, formula feeding to supplement, and pumping pumping pumping (oh lord I was so tired of pumping) I was just not cut out for breastfeeding.  I never could seem to get to a point where I could produce enough milk for the little beast, which is most likely due to my hypothyroidism, so I just decided that spending 2-2.5 hours of a 3 hour cycle feeding/pumping was just too much.  Not to mention that I have to actually to keep up with Jack and the rest of our lives.  And although it was probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in a while (especially considering this is probably going to be the last baby I give birth to) it was the best decision I could have made for our family.  I’m so much happier and on top of things and everyone else is happier and more laid back… probably because Mommy isn’t freaking out.
  3. So, I’m sick.  Woo Hoo.  I’ve got a ridiculous cold and my voice sounds like a thirteen year old boy’s.  It is so much fun, holding back coughs, while feeding Teddy, to the point that I feel like I’m going to turn blue and washing my hands so much that they feel like Brillo pads and sting and bleed.  Oh, yeah, it’s fun.  Man, I’m tired of being sick.
  4. Jack!  Jack is doing surprisingly well.  Despite his inability to speak in an inside voice while Teddy is sleeping, his great love of growling in Teddy’s face, and his new favorite feat of climbing up the side of the crib to pull Teddy’s swaddling blanket off of him or throw Ralphie at him or steal one of his “baby suckers” or growl in his face.  Yeah, he’s a turd.  But for the most part he is just hilarious and keeps us in stitches with his ridiculousness.  Like how he says beautiful… beaur u iful. 
  5. The tree is up!  And decorated!
  6. The Christmas cards have arrived… now I just have to address all 100 of them.  Ugh.
  7. The Christmas shopping is moving along.  Still quite a bit to go… but it’s coming!  Woo Hoo!

So things are going well.  For now.  haha!  We’re still not getting any sleep at all… Teddy can’t seem to make it more than three hours in a row at night (oh, but during the day, I’m sure he’d sleep 8 in a row if I let him).  But you get used to it and you just sort of chug along.  I have to say, I love this.  I love having two boys.  I love looking over at the couch and seeing E burping Teddy while snuggling with Jack.  I love juggling it all.  I never thought I’d say that!  And while it certainly is not easy, it’s just so wonderful having these two little people in our lives.  And this time around is so much more laid back.  I find us laughing so much.  And I’m just so in love.  With it all.  And this is coming from one seriously sleep deprived, sick, unshowered, hungry woman.  haha!!

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The turkey boy has taken a back seat in the blog-world lately… so I thought it was about time I posted some cute pictures of our little handful (which is an understatement these days).  He’s been giving us a run for our money these days and the whining is enough to send us to the brink, but he couldn’t possibly be any cuter.  And the stuff coming out of his mouth these days is just hilarious.  What a kid.

This one is from a week or so ago.  Grandma and Grandpa Z were babysitting and got some great shots of him swinging in the backyard.  Man, he’s a cutie.

Grandma and Grandpa Z took Jack to the mountains this Saturday for some outside fun and a picnic with Aunt Robbin and Uncle Christopher.  Jack was beside himself before leaving, going on and on about “go to the mountains, Grandpa and Grandpa,” (his way of saying Grandma and Grandpa), “go see Aunt Robbin!!”  The boy loves his Aunt Robbin.

Throwing rocks with Uncle Christopher.  Thanks for the great photos Grandpa Z.

E and I took Jack to the “pumpkin patch” this weekend to pick out some pumpkins.  What a hoot.  He was so fired up and took the whole process so seriously.  I took about 700 photos and got about two with him looking at the camera.  Oh, the joy of taking a toddler’s picture.

So, it was a great weekend.  We had a nice little break from the turkey boy and were able to get a boat-load of things accomplished… my hair is done and the guest room is officially ready.  And then we had a nice relaxing family day on Sunday – no pressure, no errand running to do, no contractors in the house.  Just a beautiful fall day, hanging out together.

I had my 39 week appointment this morning… and I’m still at 2 cm.  We didn’t discuss the whole induction topic any further, mainly because I’m not really that interested (right this second) in “rushing” the whole process.  Hopefully, things will just happen soon, so I can have a little relief.  I’m not scheduled to go back until next week Wednesday (my due date)… so we’ll see what happens.

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The Nursery

Here it is!!  We’re officially ready for baby.  Well, once I get my hair done tomorrow and we get a new guest bed for Grammy’s visit… then we’ll really be ready.  I think.

In other news… I’m 2cm dialated and feel like shit.  Woo Hoo!!  But my doctor is talking about inducing me next week.  Sooo… we’ll see.  I haven’t decided one way or another just yet.  But if I continue to feel this bad, I may have to take her up on it.

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36 weeks

36 weeks

No, not 400, just 36.  36 weeks!!  People, it is October!  29 days until my due date!  OHmygoodness this is really sinking in.  You’d think that I would have had this revelation last week, with the news I had at my doctor’s appointment.  Anywho…

I’m obviously in better spirits this week.  Although, at my appointment today, my doctor did confirm that I’m pretty much right where I was last week.  Which shouldn’t be a surprise, considering the only strenuous thing I did all week long was cough.  And I’m sure that’s all I’ll continue to do until next week around this time.  E has been begging me to hold out until next week Thursday, due to his ridiculous schedule.  So I guess that means I won’t be heading to the gym any time soon.  And you know I’d be there, if it weren’t for his request.  Right.

So, let’s see, what else is going on… I’m as big as a house and pretty damn uncomfortable pretty much all of the time.  For whatever reason though, I’m feeling pretty good today… I’m guessing it has something to do with that sticky bun/cinnamon roll, whatever the hell it was it was good, that I ate in three seconds this morning after my doctor’s appointment.

That’s about it for now.  I’m hoping to post about Jack sometime soon and I’ve got a love list I’d like to whip up as well, so stay tuned.  Oh, and the nursery!  Almost done.  As soon as we get the curtains up I’ll post some pictures.  Have a great week!

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