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I don’t even remember the last time I made a list!  I can’t believe it’s been so long.  And I’ve been feeling quite listy lately too.

  1. Jack is a wildman.  Uh, yeah, he has been for a while… well, he’s getting pretty good at this walking thing.  But, he’s got to be the most stubborn baby in the universe, and he absolutely refuses to walk to me (or E) or when we actually want him to do it.  And if you try to stand him up in the middle of the room, forget about it.  But when he’s playing, he does quite a bit of walking and standing on his own.  And he is getting braver and braver… occasionally he’ll be distracted by the television and will take four or five steps toward it without realizing it.
  2. I have to say that as Jack becomes more skilled with his mobility, I seem to be adapting to the level of craziness.  He doesn’t seem to be as much as a handful, even though I know that he is.  I’m not so exhausted at the end of the day and carrying his 20+ pound body around with my left arm while juggling the 10 pound beach bag, and a sippy cup… or whatever I’m juggling at the moment, doesn’t literally wear me out to the point that I have to lay down when I put him down.  And the sweating, is not quite so extreme, even considering the lovely mid-90 degree temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately.  So, this is quite a good thing. 
  3. And so it seems, now that I’m finally adjusting to the level of craziness, that he is quickly losing interest in his morning nap.  Which is absolutely necessary for mommy’s sanity.  So sometimes he has “quiet time” – which usually involves bouncing and squealing in his crib, along with the tossing of Ralphie and all seven of his bedtime sucky’s across the room, but not before he bangs on the wall and racks his sucky’s back and forth along the beadboard.  At least he is enjoying his quiet time.  And trust me, he is.  I’ve never known a kid who enjoys his crib like Jack.
  4. So, my little “talker” has slowed down quite a bit.  Before, he was throwing out new words right and left, but it was quite obvious that he was only imitating.  Now, he is more intersted in mastering the sound of the word and identifying it.  And when he does so- oh, the pride.  How sweet it is to see him so proud of himself!  I love it.  His current favorites are duck, which sounds more like “dut”, and is also very similar to the word for dog (somewhere more along the lines of “dod”), which is the only thing that he will refer to Sophie as.  He loves to scream out Momma and Daddy, either in absolute delight or pure frustration, upon our entering and leaving the room.  Quite entertaining.  My absolute favorite new word is bear, which sounds much more like, “beaww”.  So painfully cute.  And the best part is that I gave him one of his fuzzy white stuffed animals that I keep in his room and told him it was a bear – then he said it (in his cute little voice) and then I realized it wasn’t a bear, it was a lamb.  Now it is a bear.  At least I didn’t call it a monkey.
  5. He has gotten really good at following direction and really seems to understand what I’m talking about now.  Which is so so fantastic.  And he is surprisingly interested in being cooperative, for the most part.  With the exception of diaper changing.  Which has gotten especially challenging.  But sometimes he surprises me and he’ll crawl over to the diaper caddy and grab a diaper for me.  He loves to go get books and sit on my lap, so I can read a story.  Then I will ask him to read it to me and he jabbers on for a while, while he flips through the book.  He can identify the ducks in the I Spy book, and Ralphie (a tiny mouse) in one of the pages of the Peter Rabbit book.
  6. Last but not least, we’ve started the sippy cup crusade.  I’ve traded three bottles for sippy cups and he is doing quite well.  Actually, he hardly put up a fight.  He doesn’t quite drink the amount of (soy) milk I’d like him to, but he’s drinking milk from a sippy and that’s the biggest hurdle.  And he drinks plenty of water throughout the day.  He was never really all that attached to the bottle and I think that it has a lot to do with the fact that we determined his reflux was due to cow’s milk so late in the game.  His formula probably made him feel cruddy, so I wonder if he related the bottle with reflux. 

Ok, so that’s it for now… looks like another list entirely devoted to the Jacker-doodle-doo!  He’s changing so much every day!  Craziness!  I’ll post more pictures later in the week.  Hope you’re all having a good week!


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Jack had his first haircut this week.  He was such a good boy… so brave.  Only freaked out a tad when she pulled out the clippers and I had to hold his big ole’ noggin straight.  Who ever heard of using the clippers for a first haircut? Oh, well, he survived.  And hopefully he will not be too traumatized that we can’t go back for a trim in a few weeks.  haha!  Poor kid!  But boy is the kid handsome!


Looking a little shaggy little man.

Snip Snip

Snip snip… OOOhhh, momma look at this clippy thing, this is neat-o… snip snip.


Uh, OK, what the heck just happened here.  I was driving this nice shiney car, playing with this neat little clippy thing and the next thing I know I’m looking like Daddy!

Big Boy

The finished product… my big boy is so handsome, I could cry.  I can’t believe I didn’t cut that crazy hair sooner!

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My Famdamnly

        Slide Cami Slide Sneaky Little Bugger Noely poley

Woo Hoo Up Close and Personal Bathing Beauty

                  Z Fam B Fam

My older brother and his family finally made it down to North Cackalacky for a long weekend last weekend.  They’re a family of four with a toddler… so flying has been out of the question and driving, well, has been out of the question too.  Until now.  They made the 14 hour drive to NC and it was so good to see them and have some one-on-one time with all of them.  It’s hard to feel like we’re getting quality time when we go home to visit because we are usually running all over the place trying to fit everyone in. 

My brother and I are so much alike it’s freaky weird.  We both have super high strung type A personalities and can be a little difficult… but we have a lot of fun together and get along really well.  It pretty much sucks big time that we don’t live closer to each other.  E and Brandon have become good friends and always manage to get way too drunk together and stay up into the wee morning hours doing stupid boy things, like playing video games.  And Toni (my sister-in-law) is truly the sister I never had.  She has become one of my closest and best friends in the whole world.  She says it like it is (just like me) and I never feel like she’s just telling me what I need to hear.  We’ve all been through a lot over the years (like the time I didn’t have money to pay my rent and they lent me the money and bought me tons of groceries so I didn’t have to go hungry while I was worrying about money) and I’m glad to say that I have them as my family.  And they have two of cutest kids I’ve ever known, that I love like they were my own.  And I just have to say, I’m so thrilled that our boys are so close in age.  It is the best ever to see Jack and his big cousin Noel playing together. 

I love our time together and always hate to say goodbye. 

 Love you guys!  Miss you already… see you in about a month.

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Happy Father’s Day

Daddy and Teeny Tiny Baby Jack

We love you Daddy! 

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Jack took his first steps yesterday.  Woo Hoo!  Talk about a great birthday present, Turkey Boy!!

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YankeeWe’re back!  We had a great time shopping, eating, exploring, eating, walking, shopping some more, drinking, and eating.  And we did a little sleeping too.  But not nearly enough sleeping.  I’m totally spent.  While we were away on our mini-vacation, Jack learned many new skills, including removing all of the toys from the toy basket and moving the toy basket to obtain access to the area behind the couch (where Sophie usually hangs out- therefore a furry domain), unplugging the answering machine (but not before he pushes all of the buttons and erases all of the messages), unplugging the lamp and launching it into the toy basket, and sticking his fingers into the electrical outlets.  All in approximately 35 seconds.  I am currently unable to leave him semi-unattended (put groceries away in the kitchen while he chills in the living room) ever.  It is awesome and has made for a fantastic day (which is my birthday, might I add) which has included two time outs already!  Woo Hoo!  Ok, so somehow I’ve gotten off the subject of the trip.  Hmmm… where was I?

Eating.  Soo many stories to tell… let’s see, I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.  So we tried the most fantastical pizza joint ever… suggested by Little Miss Mel ages ago.  We highly recommend it as well, to anyone who may be in the area anytime soon.  It’s right smack dab in the coolest part of town (the village) with lots of great shopping and restaurants etc.  We headed over on Saturday for an early dinner, after spending the day walking through Central Park, exploring and hoping to stumble upon one of those great little street fairs.  We somehow managed to miss the crowd.  Shortly after we arrived, a line formed outside about a block long.  Craziness.  So, we finish up dinner and decide to hunt for some cupcakes… and low and behold, we stumbled upon a great little street fair.  And the first thing we see is this.  That’s nutella, not chocolate by the way… followed up by a big pile of strawberries.  Yummy.  So after a wild goose chase (which is a really long story which includes walking 13 blocks in the wrong direction) we finally found our cupcakes.  But by the time we got there the line was ridiculous.  And we were tired… after walking 26 blocks (which was his fault), and LML’s verdict on Magnolia was lingering in the back of my head, so we went to a great little italian bakery across the street from the pizza place and I got my cupcake.

Let’s see… we saw Wicked.  Which was insanely fabulous.  I highly recommend.  After Wicked we took a rickshaw ride through the theatre district, passed Times Square and Rockefeller Center, back to our hotel.  That was incredible.  Very expensive for a ten minute ride… but definitely worth every penny (in my mind).  I was kicking myself the entire ride for not bringing the camera. 

We also saw Spamalot.  Which was horribly boring (for me because I don’t get the whole Monty Python funniness) but E liked it… and I’m glad he liked it, because I knew he really was looking forward to seeing it.  All in all it was a fabulous trip.  I’m so glad we went.  And I’m so glad we’re home.

Here’s a few more pictures from the trip… oh, by the way, did I mention that I chopped my hair off the day before we left?  Yeah, it sucks.  Whatever.


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Happy Birthday

the big 3-0.  Yipee.

Ok, so enough about that… I’ll post some pictures from the trip once I’ve had enough kisses from my little pooper-doodle doo.

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