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So, I don’t think I went into our whole potty training ordeal over here.  I think all that happened in the middle of the 30 day project, so you all probably got the idea we were potty training because of this.  Anyway, so I decided to get started with it about mid-way through the week before Jack’s preschool spring break.  And it didn’t go so well.  He pretty much only went on the potty when he was sitting on it in front of the TV… for like an hour at a time.  Randomly he’d pee without realizing it and I’d make a big deal about it.  Anyway,  we made it almost all the way through spring break week without much progress… let me rephrase that.  With zero progress.  He had zero interest in learning or listening to how it worked.  He didn’t give a rip about any of the thousands of bribes I came up with.  As a matter of fact, somehow he usually managed to manipulate me into giving him what he wanted without doing much of anything at all.  And after watching him purposely pee his pants (to the point of straining so hard that I could see the veins in his neck) while I was on the phone (clearly an attempt to get some attention), I finally threw in the towel.  And decided to revisit it once he was out for the summer.

So last Monday, Jack woke up and I told him I needed to change his diaper.  I asked him if he wanted to wear a pull-up and he said no.  So when I tried to put on his diaper he told me he wanted to wear big boy pants.  Uh, ok.  So I put on the big boy pants and was quickly distracted by something or other.  And after a while he told me he needed to go poop on the potty.  So we ran over and put him on the potty.  And he peed.  He did this all day.  No accidents.  And the next day he started pooping on the potty as well.  Just like that.   And (knock on wood) as of last Monday, he has only had four accidents.  He’s been wearing pull-ups at night and big boy pants for naps.  And we’ve been keeping our regular everyday schedule… the pool, Target, playing outside, going for donuts or ice cream or whatever treat on the weekends.  The accidents have all happened while he’s been either disoriented after just waking from a nap or while totally distracted while playing.

Let me tell you how totally and completely stunned I am.  This kid is nothing but a challenge these days.  And while I’m sure it sounds like I’m tooting my horn over here all proud and annoying, but really, I just can’t help but tell everyone – how proud of him and excited I am for him.  That he has some sort of control in his life (and it is already starting to show that it makes him feel more at ease with life in general… if that makes sense).   This kid.  He constantly amazes me.  Like the other day… while he was playing with a fake phone.  Pushing the buttons and muttering under his breath and he says “goddammit”.  No idea where he learned that one.  And just now.  He’s walking around in his Elmo underpants.  With Teddy’s crocheted blanket draped over his shoulders.  He looks at me and says, “I’m a princess.”


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I don't really mind when Jack climbs in bed with Teddy.  Cause it's so damn cute.

I don't really mind when Jack climbs in bed with Teddy. Cause it's so damn cute.

Happiest boy in the world!

Happiest boy in the world!

This is for my dad.  I told him all about how Jack and I were going to go get cupcakes today.  Oh, and yes, they're both for me... two because I'm 32.

This is for my dad. I told him all about how Jack and I were going to go get cupcakes today. Oh, and yes, they're both for me... two because I'm 32.

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Ok, so I took a month off.  Yeah, I wasn’t really planning on it, but I was so tired of the blog after the 30 day thing and I kept saying I’d write something tomorrow until it was like today and it’s been over a month.  So, yeah, sorry about the ridiculous hiatus and all, hope I didn’t worry anyone.  So here’s an update on us, list style.  Because I’m feeling listy.

  1. Teddy.  My little tank.  Ted weighed in at his 6 month check up at about 18 and a half pounds.  I took him in last week, along with Jack (because Jack was sick) to have him checked out to see if he had an ear infection and at that point he was 19.5 pounds.  Then I took him in Wednesday (he was sick) and he was 20 lbs 2 oz.  Monster baby gained a pound in a week.  This kid amazes me.  Jack weighed in today (well visit… yeah, they’re getting really sick of seeing me) at 28 lbs.  hehe… Jack sprat…
  2. So the other day when we were at the doctor’s office… which time is not really relevant.  Anywho, I held my hand out to catch the elevator door and it CLOSED ON MY HAND.  Not kidding.  I managed to grab the door with my other hand to sort of hold it open, meanwhile screaming in my ridiculous scratchy voice, from being sick, “HELP ME HELP ME!!”  Not kidding.  Then finally I realized I could open the door by hitting the elevator call button.  So I did.  Nothing is broken.  I just have a ridiculous bruise and a sore hand and a big time bruised ego.  Yeah, I had to go back there today.  For another checkup.  Geez.  I think they all thought I was nuts.  They were all really sweet about it and took good care of me and all.  But seriously, I can’t believe I did that.
  3. Jack handled the whole elevator situation quite well.  Well, not at first he didn’t.  I thought he’d be traumatized for life.  But when we were leaving and the nurse and doctor were helping me out to the car (yeah, so I could feel stupid all the way to the car and they could see my complete wreck of a car and dig in my wreck of a purse full of dirty tissues to get my nasty keys out… geez) anywho, as we were all getting into the elevator on our way out, Jack says, “don’t do that again mommy… you got to be careful or you get your fingers pinched in the door.”  He reminded me again today as we arrived at the office.  Yeah, thanks.
  4. So.  E, my wonderful husband got me a fantastic mother’s day gift.  A plane ticket to Chicago to visit Andrea (my BFF) for a long weekend, by myself.  No children!  Woo Hoo!  So last week Jack got sick – bad cold with some wheezing we had to treat with a nebulizer (at urgent care) and an inhaler (at home).  He was finally better by Thursday and I was to leave on Friday morning.  But by Thursday evening I was coming down with it.  And by Friday I was sporting a sore throat and a cough.  Long story short I had a terrible sore throat, cough, hardly a voice at all and my head and ears were plugged up so I could barely hear anything at all pretty much all weekend.  Yeah, it was a major bummer.  We still had a good time shopping and hanging out but I was feeling pretty bad and wasn’t sleeping much at all at night.  So, I’m still pining away for a weekend away… just hoping that maybe I’ll get another trip away from home for my birthday.  Or something like that.  A girl can dream, right?
  5. Teddy is a rolling, scooting, tootin’ fool.  The tootin’ part was for fun.  Although he does poop like a champ.  Let me rephrase that.  He poops way too much.  I am changing, on average, six poopies a day… yes, I’m still changing Jack’s poopies too (I will revisit the potty training again soon… hopefully, but seriously if I wait long enough he’ll just do it himself, right?)… where was I?  Oh poopies.  Yeah, six a day, and one day I counted seven and then said “THAT’S ENOUGH!  I’VE OFFICIALLY HAD IT, YOU’VE HIT YOUR QUOTA FOR THE DAY AND YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME TO GET THAT ONE CHANGED.”  For real.  So, where was I… rolling.  So yeah, he’s been rolling around like it’s his job for about a month now.  He rolled over at about five months then didn’t do it again for a few weeks then a few weeks later he started rolling around the room – just like Jack used to.  He’s a little chunky (uh, ya think, maybe 20 lbs????) so he has a hard time getting his fat legs under him to push up to crawl, so I get the sense he won’t crawl much or if so it’ll be late.  He sits up without help – which is awesome.  I’ve been working on that for a few weeks.  Starting with the bumbo, then the boppy (for a little less support), then a crash pillow, and now he’s pretty solid.  With an occasional fall, usually due to a larger force (aka Action Jackson knocking him over for fun because it’s fun to make him cry).
  6. Jack is making me crazy.  I love him.  And he is so funny and fun.  But seriously.  He is making me crazy.  He has the devil in him.  The constant testing me and telling me no and the not listening and the freaking out I do on a regular basis to let him know that I’m almost crazy so you better get it together and listen to me mister or else you’ll see what crazy is all about, it’s all really making me crazy.  I do not enjoy the age of three.  The end.  I’m telling you.  The buttons have been pushed.  Oh have they been pushed my friends.  He says to me earlier today, “I’m sorry Mommy, I’m just acting like a lunatic.”  Don’t you know it.
  7. So that’s about it for now.  I’ve been busy.  Sick and busy.  So I apologize for the ridiculous hiatus without explanation, until now.  Hopefully I will be back on a more regular basis.  Hope you’re all doing well!!!

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