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Summer Lovin’


Ok, so I’ve had major issues with loading photos etc. lately… but I have to say, this picture was well worth all of the effort.  Isn’t he supercute?!


“Mumma, come here and give me some kisses.”


Can I tell you how much I love kisses from this kid?  I mean, painfully cute and adorable.  You should see him pucker up.  And he’s a kissing fool.  Loves him some kisses!  Woo Hoo!


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Ok, so I promised a few pictures from Toot’s visit… and here they are.  Oh, and I forgot to include a photo of the food in the birthday post.  So check it out… because the food was great!  And I just wanted you all to know that missed the big party that there was food.  Besides cake and cupcakes.  Ok, so where was I?  Toot’s visit.  We had waay too much fun.  And I had about 7 cupcakes for each day that they were in town.  Anyway, here’s the pictures!  Enjoy!

the girls

Here’s Andrea and I at the birthday party.  This is prior to me getting drunk off of champagne that was meant to settle my nerves.  Well, let me tell you, my nerves were settled.  I showed a bunch of Republicans my Anti-Bush bumper sticker.

The girls and their boys

The girls with their boys.


Gavin.  Such a sweetie.


Post party Sunday brunch.  Mimosa #1.

Toot’s Fam

Toot’s and his fam.  Andrea enjoying mimosa #2.

The fam

The fam.  Jack is deep in thought… thinking about that crazy ride Aunt Robbin took him on around the yard yesterday.

Ordering brunch

Jack ordering brunch.

Pool party

Post birthday party post Sunday brunch pool party extravaganza.  The result of one too many mimosas.

Pool boy

“Daddy, isn’t there something you can do about all of that noise Mommy and Auntie Andrea are making?  It’s kind of embarrassing me… the neighbors are staring.”


On a completely unrelated note… you all must check this out!  Now!  Turn your sound on!  SOOOO FUNNY!!

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I’ve been tagged!  By Sarah!  Check her out… she is hi-larious.  Ok, so I know I promised pictures from the weekend.  I’ll have those later in the week… this’ll have to do for now!  Buttttt… if you absolutely cannot wait, you can go here and check some out.

Three things that scare me
1) The state of our country
2) The climate crisis
3) The dark… ok, not really the dark.  What’s hiding in the dark.

Three People who make me laugh
1) Alec Baldwin
2) Chris Farley
3) Andrea(my BFF)

Three things I love
1) Food
2) The beach
3) My family

Three things I hate
1) Unsolicited advice
2) When people try to make you feel bad to make themselves feel better
3) Snobbiness

Three things I do not understand
1) Calculous
2) What people were thinking when they voted for George W. Bush.  Both times.
3) People that judge others… for instance, when someone says they don’t read chick lit – that it’s garbage and people that read it are stupid.  Ok, so at least the chick lit readers (me, sometimes) are READING.  Geez.  I actually heard someone say that.  Out loud.  In public.  What is wrong with people?

Three things on my desk
1) Camera
2) Almost empty cup of coffee
3) Monitor thingie

Three things I want to do before I die
1) Eat crepes in Paris with the hubs and Jack
2) See Notre Dame play Michigan at Notre Dame… Go Touchdown Jesus!
3) Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center.  Ahhh… Christmas in New York.

Three things I can do
1) Measure the strike and dip of a geologic feature using a Brunton compass… let’s see if you can find me in action (or maybe just hanging out) haha!
2) Change a poopie diaper
3) AutoCad 

Three things I can’t do
1) Multitask… not entirely true.  I can read a magazine and watch TV at the same time.  Just like my mother!  haha!
2) Relax
3) Go an entire month without buying a magazine, even though I have four subscriptions.  Pathetic addiction.  What can I say, helps me relax… or something like that.

Three things I think you should listen to
1) your heart
2) your mom
3) this… because I like it. 

Three things you should never listen to
1) Your gut.  When you are hungry and at the grocery store.
2) Unsolicited advice.  Especially when you are prego and it is coming from someone who doesn’t have kids.
3) Those local firemen guys that call every year to try to get you to give them money and when you tell them that you did or you can’t or whatever and they say, “Well, I hope you have a safe and fire-free year,” in a tone that suggests that if you don’t change your mind now that they aren’t coming when your house is burning to the ground.

Three things I’d like to learn
1) more about photography
2) to be a better mother…  and relax a little
3) to play tennis

Three shows I watched as a kid
1) The A-Team
2) Scooby Doo
3) Laverne and Shirley

I’m not going to tag anyone.  Well, pretty much because some people hate to be tagged and I’d hate to give someone that’s busy more to do.  So, if you want to be tagged – you’re it!  Woo Hoo! 

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 img_2535a.jpg img_2539a.jpg img_2538a.jpg 

          img_2553a.jpg img_2558a.jpg img_2563a.jpg 

img_2565a.jpg img_2592a.jpg img_2601a.jpg

On Saturday we had Jack’s big birthday celebration.  The party was a big hit and we all had a great time.  Jack was so cute with his cake and barely got any on his face.  Here’s a few pictures from the big day… including the cake table with the cupcakes and Jack’s enormous “smash” cake, Jack eating his cake, and the birthday boy in his slobbery outfit.  Oh, and I just had to include that picture of Auntie Robbin demonstrating a fine example of multitasking.

I’ll have more pictures later in the week of the rest of the weekend.  Toot’s came to town for Jack’s big party and we have about 785 pictures of our wild adventures! 


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Dear Jack,

Happy birthday, little boy!  One year ago today, you were brought into our lives.  And here’s the story of how it all happened…

I had had a problem-free pregnancy with you.  With the exception of hurting my back, early on in the pregnancy, while trying to vacuum the couch, with an upright vacuum.  But that’s another story… anyway, where was I… right, the pregnancy.  Great.  I craved relatively normal things, like Twizzlers, Squirt, German Chocolate Cake, and Tabasco pickles.  And salad.  Go figure.  I loved being pregnant.  You were a little turkey from the start.  “Dancing” in my belly to Johnny Cash, singing Jackson.  We decided right then, that Jackson was it for you.

On April 15th, two days before you were born, I decided at about 8pm that we needed to go to Home Depot and buy a patio set.  Pronto.  So, Daddy and I set out to Home Depot.  I remember feeling absolutely enormous (here I am, on that exact day) and waiting patiently while the Home Depot guy and Daddy loaded it up, in the car.  And I remember really, really wanting ice cream and the muscles in my belly were driving me batty… because I was having contractions.  We went to Marble Slab as soon as they were finished up.  And my belly continued to bother me throughout the night, making sleep difficult.

The next day was Easter Sunday.  I was having pretty regular contractions when we got up, but they weren’t close enough together to call the doctor.  Grandma and Grandpa Z went to Aunt Robbin’s parent’s house for dinner, but we declined a few days in advance because I had a funny feeling that you were on your way… and all I needed was to have my water break at Easter dinner.  Anyway, I made a crock-pot dinner at home and had planned to make a pie but I couldn’t because I was so uncomfortable.  By the time dinner was ready, I decided not to eat because we were pretty sure that you were on your way.

We were finally ready to go to the hospital at 9:30pm on Sunday.  When we got to the hospital I was only one centimeter dialated.  I thought they might send me home, because I still wasn’t in any pain at that point.  But they didn’t.  We waited in the triage until about 12am.  At that point, I was dialated to about three centimeters.  It was about then that I started to have a little bit of cramping.  But nothing too bad.  They decided to send us to a labor and delivery room because I had progressed so quickly. 

I hadn’t planned to have any pain medication prior to the epidural and wanted to wait as long as I could before they gave me the epidural, but my nurse was concerned about the lack of sleep I had and knew I needed some rest before I had to do the pushing.  So they gave me some Demerol.  Which made me act extremely ridiculous.  I must have told Daddy and the nurse that the Demerol was a great idea about 75 times.  Later in the night, I highly embarrassed myself, while talking to a doctor that Daddy and I referred to as Dr. McDreamy.

I got a little rest and at about 3am I got up to go to the bathroom.  I was pretty sure that my water broke, or started to, but no one believed me… and boy, was the doctor surprised when he went to check me after I got back in bed.  I didn’t see it, but I sure did hear it.  At that point my contractions really started to hurt and the demerol was no longer helping.  So they gave me an epidural.  Which didn’t take properly.  So I was in quite a bit of pain for a couple of hours, until the second epidural was in and working. 

The second epidural was fantastic.  To this day I recommend them to everyone.  You know why, because it was great.  That’s why.  Anyway, where was I?  The epidural.  Great!  I tried to get a little more rest, but had a hard time sleeping because I was so excited.

They checked me at 9:30am and I was ready to push.  We went from 7-10 centimeters so quickly that the news took me by surprise and I almost got sick and felt like I might pass out.  I was so nervous.  I started pushing around 9:45… well, we did a few practice pushes, then the doctor came in and I really started to push at 10:00am.  You were born at 10:40am.  It would have been sooner but your head was huge.  And well, I think you were being a little stubborn too.  I’m kidding.  The delivery was very easy.  I felt so good.  A couple of times the nurses told me that this was it and they’d yell “pushpushpushpush” and afterwords, when I hadn’t pushed your big head out yet, I’d say, “Oh geeze, I’m sorry, I’ll get it next time.”  I told the doctor afterwords, that if having babies was that easy, I could have 10 more.  Little did I know how difficult the recovery would be.

There was meconium in the water, so we had to have a high risk team there for your delivery to be sure that you did not accidentally breathe any of the water into your lungs.  So it was a little nerve racking after you were born because they whisked you away and I waited and waited (for seconds really) for what seemed like forever and when I didn’t hear you crying I almost started to cry.  But Daddy reassured me that you were just fine.  And when they finally handed you to me, all bundled up like a baby burrito, I cried.  Daddy cried too.  For the third time since I’d met him.  After you were born the doctor discovered a knot in your umbilical cord.  Tied loosely.  He told us we were very lucky but I didn’t give it much thought until last week.  A friend lost her baby girl in the last week of her pregnancy because of a very similar problem.  We were very lucky.

We named you Jackson Theodore Lorn.  Jackson, well, because you narrowed down our list of 24, while watching the Walk the Line DVD… Theodore is for your Dad’s Grandma Thelda and Lorn is for my Great Grandpa on my mom’s side.  Such a big name for such a sweet little thing.  And we were in love with you instantly.  Over the next several days, Daddy and I would just stand there and stare at you and cry.  You were so cute.  You kind of reminded me of Elmer Fudd, with your little hat slipping off of your head. 

Jack, I can’t imagine our world without you.  Or even really remember what it was like before you.  You are such a sweet little boy, so gentle and cute with your little friends.  And you’re so smart already.  It’s so fun to watch your little personality come out more and more each day.  I just can’t wait to see the person that you’ll grow up to be.  And to be with you along the way.  To hold your hand and help you find your way.  And to someday let go of your hand and let you do it yourself.  Just remember I’m always here for you, sweet pea.   I love you very much.  Happy First Birthday Jack.



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Last week, a friend and former co-worker, lost her baby in the last stages of her pregnancy.  She was due on Jack’s birthday.  I can only imagine the heartbreak that she must be going through right now. 

I’m sure that any mother can tell you that there is a love and an attachment so strong for the baby far before it is born.  So even though the baby was never born into this world, I am certain that the pain she is feeling is just as real.  You just have to hope that there’s a reason for the way things happen in the world.  And in the long run, it’ll all make sense. 

So hold your babies tight and thank God for every moment.  And if you pray, say a little prayer for her and her family.

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Ok, so I’ve never done this so let me know if you all have trouble viewing it… oh, and ignore my terrible singing voice.

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