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Once again, feeling listy. Apparently I am only able to speak in sentence fragments and use words that do not truly exist. Who cares anyway? I think you all know what I mean when I say listy.

  1. First and foremost. Jacker-doodle-do. This kid is a crazy man. No really, he is doing great. Still army crawling… but at the speed of light. Able to mow over a pool of his own spit up in a single bound. He has had quite a bit of reflux lately and I’ve been thinking he may need to go back on Zantac. This weekend he started another one of his hunger strikes. Which is extremely frustrating and freaks me out to no end. I know he’s teething and I just have to keep in mind that he does this every time and goes back to normal once the tooth comes in. In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll still be a nervous wreck.

  2. Jack has had a few firsts recently that I am a little ashamed to admit to… cupcakes, girl scout cookies, and doughnuts. hehehe. Ok, so it’s not like I gave him a whole cupcake, only a few small bites (at Jayden’s birthday party), he had one Trefoil shortbread cookie (and it would have been a thin mint if he were a few months older), and not even a quarter of an old fashioned cake doughnut from Dunkin Donuts.

  3. The little guy has been very verbal lately. He is still only mimicking words and not actually using them as though he understands though. He does know several words – for instance, when you ask him where Sophie is he looks around until he finds her and then smiles or screeches or whatever. When I change him I usually give him something to play with and lately he is very interested in the pictures on his diapers. The other day I pointed out that Burt was on his diaper – and he looks at me and thought to himself for a second, then said, BURT. Like he had been practicing it for weeks! Craziness. The next day he couldn’t identify Burt, but said Elmo after I pointed it out. Absolutely nuts! Of course he won’t do it in front of anyone, so no one believes me that he actually speaks at all.

  4. He’s started doing the funniest thing lately. He thinks it’s funny when I give him several kisses in a row on his cheek or his forehead. So if he wants me to do it he will lean in for a kiss then rock back, then lean in again, and rock back. Hilarious. Seriously. The first time he did it I wasn’t sure what he was up to. I almost thought he was trying to headbutt my mouth. But then I figured it out and when I kissed him he started to giggle. TOO CUTE!

  5. Let’s see… EZ and I decided to rent a couple of movies and have a few date nights at home. What a great idea. EZ saw a recipe on the Take Home Chef that he thought he’d try to re-create. While we were shopping for his dinner, I saw a few things and got a little inspired. So I made dinner (Lobster cakes, roasted gemstone potatoes, white asparagus and a spinach salad) followed by EZ’s crepes with nutella and strawberries on Saturday night and EZ made dinner on Sunday night. Soo good. And so much fun.

  6. We actually got to see The Departed just in time for the Academy Awards… which I thought was great, but I was a little surprised that it did so well. I guess I was hoping that Little Miss Sunshine would win for best picture.

  7. Ok, so let’s talk dresses. So many good ones… Emily Blunt, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, and of course Reese… she was smokin’!! BY FAR, best dressed of the night. I loved what she wore to the Golden Globes, but this was even better. I really didn’t like what Kirsten Dunst (just bad, plain bad) and Jennifer Hudson (pockets in an evening gown, bad… and that jacket, not a fan) wore. Also, was it me or was Naomi Watts’ dress a little too reminiscent of what Cate Blanchett wore to the 2005 Academy Awards? That and was it me or did she look prego? Hmm.

  8. So I’ve got to wrap this up… getting way too long. Who else is sick of hearing about the whole Anna Nicole thing? Oh, and of course Britney’s breakdown. Geez. What is going on with that girl?

  9. Last but not least… I need a few pointers. We’re having trouble with the sippy cup. Any ideas? He is just not very interested in it. And well, I’m trying to transition over, considering the fact that we’re rapidly approaching his first birthday. Speaking of birthdays… I could get started on that topic, but I won’t… I’ll save it for later this week.


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Me me

After commenting on Kellie’s Mutha of All Meme’s post, she tagged me (via email). This is my first Meme! Woo Hoo! I actually really like doing these things… and love reading them too. It’s always fun to see how everyone answers them.1. Are your parents married or divorced? My mom and dad divorced when I was two.

2. Are you a vegetarian? NO! Definitely not.

3. Do you believe in Heaven? Hmm. Not sure really. When Jack was born I became convinced of reincarnation. Long story.

4. Have you ever come close to dying? No, not that I know of.

5. What jewelry do you wear 24/7? My wedding rings and my right hand ring. And quite often I wear my mom necklace Jack got me for Mother’s Day last year :)

6. Favorite time of day? Right after Jack wakes up from his first nap of the day and about 30 minutes after he goes to bed for the night.

7. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Of course. Now, why one Earth wouldn’t I?

8. Do you wear makeup? Yes. Mascara, blush (and sometimes gloss) everyday. Eyeliner, blush, mascara, gloss for going out.

9. Ever have plastic surgery? Nope.

10. If you did have plastic surgery, what did you have done? I’ve thought about lazering off some of my sun spots and “fixing” my boobs. That’s probably it though.

11. What do you wear to bed? In the winter I wear those heavy velour yoga pants with a long sleeve tissue T and in the summer I wear gapBody boxers and a T-shirt or tank top.

12. Have you ever done anything illegal? Yes :)

13. Can you roll your tongue? Yes.

14. Do you tweeze your eyebrows? Yes, unfortunately, every day. What a pain.

15. What kind of sneakers do you wear? New Balance to run in. Boden for running errands in.

16. Do you believe in abortions? Personally I don’t think I could ever do it. But I don’t think it is a decision I can make for another woman.

17. What is your hair color? Light brown/dark blond. Currently have blond highlights.

18. Future child’s name? Reese – if it’s a girl. Boy, not sure.

19. Do you snore? On occasion.

20. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Hawaii, Italy or France.

21. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? No, but I do sleep with a sweatshirt.

22. If you won the lottery, what would you do first? Pay off debt, go shopping, give some to my family, go on vacation, and give some to charity. I’d definitely do one of those first.

23. Gold or silver? Depends on what I’m wearing.

24. Hamburger or hot dog? Both. Hamburger with cheese, bacon, ketchup, mustard, pickles, mayo, and lettuce. Hot dog grilled like a crispy critter. With just about anything on it – mustard alone or Chicago style. Doesn’t matter, cus I love those disgusting things.

25. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Pizza.

26. City, beach or country? Hmm. It’s a toss up between city and beach. How about both.

27. What was the last thing you touched? The mouse. What a weird question.

28. Where did you last eat? A bowl of Strawberry Yogurt Burst Cheerio’s.

29. When’s the last time you cried? Honestly, I can’t recall.

30. Do you read blogs? Yes. I check about 14 or 15 daily.

31. Would you ever go out dressed as the opposite sex? No.

32. Ever been involved with the police? Sure.

33. What’s your favorite shampoo, conditioner and soap? Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner. Dove sensitive skin bar.

34. Do you talk in your sleep? I have been known to. Especially when I’m sick.

35. Ocean or pool? Pool, definitely pool. But a pool near the ocean. So I can at least look at the ocean and walk by it. But not swim in it. No longer a fan.

36. Sauna or whirlpool? That’s a toughie. Depends on what kind of mood I’m in and where I am.

37. Starbucks or Krispy Kreme? Starbucks, if they have lemon bars. Otherwise Krispy Kreme (chocolate iced cream filled and a nice hot glazed… yummy).

38. Aisle or window seat? Window.

39. Ever met anyone famous? Met, no. I’ve seen a few famous people… Lisa Lopes of TLC (what a piece of work), Evander Holyfield (now that is one very large, handsome man), Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) and Lindsay from the Real World Seattle (I know, not really famous). About a year or two ago, I was at a cool little dive restaurant with my hubs and some friends and I noticed this guy looking at me. I thought it was one of EZ’s friends from college. So I turned to one of the girls I was with (her hubs went to college with EZ) and asked her who he was and she said it was Jeff Gordon. He’s really short.

40. Do you feel you have had a truly successful life? Yes.

41. Do you twirl or cut your spaghetti? Twirl.

42. Rikki Lake or Oprah? Ooooprahh Winnnfrey.

43. Basketball or Football? Really, neither. But if I must choose, college football.

44. How long do your showers last? 10-15 minutes.

45. Do you drive automatic or stick? Automatic.

46. Cake or ice cream? Tough one!! Can’t choose. German chocolate cake. Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. Or pie… I love pie. Strawberry Rhubarb pie.

47. Are you self-conscious? Sometimes very much so. Other times not at all.

48. Have you ever drank so much you threw up? Yes. Can you say orange Kool-Aid and vodka… I barely can. Gross. Man, I was so stupid in college.

49. Have you ever given money to a beggar? Yes. When I lived in Atlanta I had to go downtown quite often for my job. I always saw the same guys and I would sometimes give this one guy money. Although he never remembered me.

50. Have you ever been in love? Yes.

51. Where do you wish you were? On vacation. With EZ and Jack. At a pool. Near the ocean.

52. Are you wearing socks? No.

53. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? No.

54. Can you tango? No. No interest.

55. Last gift you received? Chocolates and 20 pink roses.

56. Last sport you played? I don’t remember. Not a big sports person.

57. Things you spend a lot of money on? The only thing I really splurge on is jeans.

58. Where do you live? North Carolina.

59. Where were you born? Michigan.

60. Last wedding attended? My mom’s. In August.

61. Favorite position? Sitting in a comfy chair with my feet up.

62. Most hated food(s)? Kale cooked with sausage and potatoes. Canned green beans. Cooked carrots. Cool Ranch Doritos. Just typing the words makes me want to gag.

63. Most hated soda pop? Grape.

64. Can you sing? No.

65. Last person you instant messaged? My mom… five years ago.

66. Last place you went on holiday? Not including Michigan, Chicago in December. I guess that was sort of a holiday. A warm place… it’s been a while. Probably Hilton Head Island. Before EZ’s parents sold their condo.

67. Favorite regular drink? Water.

68. Favorite alcoholic drink? Blue Moon with an orange. Dry white wine. Frozen margarita.

69. Current favorite song? How to Save a Life by The Fray

Ok, so there you go. My very first Meme! So, I’m not going to tag anyone… as much as I love these things, some people absolutely hate them. So I don’t want to torture anyone. If you’re looking for a topic for a post – here you go… tag yourself!

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Monday, Monday…

So not the typical Monday. I suppose. EZ woke up somewhat early this morning to go in to the office. Although it is closed today for President’s Day. But that doesn’t mean much in his line of work anyway. He’s supposed to be coming home a little early today (in other words – a normal time for normal people), so definitely not the typical Monday. In my opinion a great way to start the week. Especially after such a great weekend.

Jack’s little girl friend Jayden turned one on Friday and her birthday party was on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. This was the first of Jack’s friends to have a party, so it sort of set the bar for the rest of us. And thankfully, she didn’t go hog-ass wild with her party planning etc. So that was a bit of a relief. Jack actually showed off his “crawling” skills to the playgroup girls. At the last couple of playgroups and play dates he has been chilling in the sitting position or playing in one spot on the floor. So, everyone has been giving me the, “yeah, right, I bet he crawls” every time I talk to them. So finally he showed off his super-speed-of-light army crawling abilities.

Sunday we went over to Kristin and John’s to watch a Wolfpack basketball game… which I don’t think I saw one second of. Which, surprisingly enough, is quite alright by me! Our friend’s Kurt and Christy were also there, with their three month old Maddie. Jack was in total awe of her. It was pretty darn cute. Unfortunately I didn’t remember the camera… so no cute google-eye shots of the two of them.

Not much going on here really. We’re finally feeling better around here… although Jack is teething… AGAIN!! Another top tooth. So there’s plenty of drool going around. And he has had this sort of congestion thing going on. But he doesn’t seem all that bothered by it. But his gums are definitely giving him trouble. He gets in these moods in the afternoon where he is so incredibly cranky and uncomfortable. He will lash out and frantically try to bite/maul whatever is near him. So if your fingers/nose/chin/whatever are nearby… WATCH OUT! I noticed that he was eating his favorite peek-a-boo book the other day (not something he used to do) and so I took it away and started to fish out all of the book chunks from his mouth and the little turkey bit me so hard that I yelled out in pain. Of course scared the crap out of the poor kid. Geez!

Let’s see, besides the teething, nothing else new going on here. Planning a trip to NYC for my 30th… Woo Hoo! Finishing up the V-day chocolates… mmm Yummy. And looking forward to a beautiful spring-ish week, with highs in the 60’s. Living in the south does have it’s perks.

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I’ve Been a Little Busy

Stuffing my face.

02.14.2007 8:00pm

02.15.2007 8:00pm

I highly recommend.

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I know, the bib is a little girlie… I just couldn’t resist.
In case you can’t read his shirt it says, “I enjoy ice cream, insightful cartoons & long walks on the playground.”

I threw this one in for fun. Because he’s a stinker and it took about 837 shots to get the few that I did because he kept doing stuff like this.

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10 Things I Love About Him


In honor of Valentine’s Day I thought I’d let the Internet know a few reasons why I love my husband.

  1. His smell. I’m very particular about smells. And I smell everything. It’s a real deal breaker for me. In fact when we brought Jack home from the hospital I wasn’t so sure I liked the smell of him and it literally scared the shit out of me. It didn’t take long to figure out that I was wrong… he is the best smelling thing in the world next to EZ. Which is a good thing because it doesn’t look quite so strange to be smelling your baby’s neck as opposed to your husband’s ear.

  2. He rarely farts, burbs, swears, or watches sports. If he didn’t have man parts I’d think he was a woman. And if he wasn’t quite so fond of me I’d think he was gay. No, really, in all seriousness, he is probably the most civilized (not that sports watching men are not civilized… at least the ones that aren’t drunk) adult I’ve ever met.

  3. He’s a huge homebody. I’ve tried to fight it over the past few years in an honest attempt to try to make/maintain friends but really, I’ve always been a homebody too.

  4. He’s very connected to his family. I never went through that “I’m embarrassed by my parents” stage (well, maybe a little when Don would pick me up at the roller rink with that gigantic cowboy hat). The fact that he is always thinking about them and how they feel about things and that he talks to them on a regular basis confirms to me his importance of family in his life. And he knows and respects how important my family is to me. We have spent almost every bit of our vacation time over the past five years in Michigan visiting my family. And he has never complained. Once.

  5. Having Jack has only made our relationship that much better. I read so much about how some dad’s get jealous of the mother-baby relationship. If he has been at all, it’s news to me.

  6. His need for organization (although, sometimes I don’t quite understand it). This paired with my need for sterilization and it is like a hospital in this joint. Some people might not like that, but I do.

  7. His respect for how I like things. Clean. Picked up. Put away. I’m sure I’m totally annoying.

  8. How he knows I hate surprises yet he somehow has a way of surprising me constantly without surprising me in a way that I can possibly hate it. If that makes sense.

  9. He gives the best gifts. Because he listens. For months and months leading up to a special occasion.

  10. His writes the best love notes.

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We’re gonna need it!

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