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According to my doctor, the baby is very low.  And I’m 50% effaced and 1/2 cm dialated (if that is even possible).  Woo Hoo!!  So, I realize that at this point that pretty much means nothing at all.  Besides the fact that I’ve made some progress.  Progress is good.  Although, not too much progress just yet, little buddy, we’ve got a few things to get done around here.

I’m in a much better mood today.


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OK, so is it me or have I been pregnant for way too long.  Sure, it’s actually only 34 weeks and 6 days… which truly is not even 9 months pregnant… or is 9 months pregnant when you are at your due date?  Anywho, I’ve come to the realization that I am currently in hell and must have a huge sign on the underside of my belly that says, “STARE, HARD AND LONG PEOPLE.”  Because that is all anyone who looks at me does these days.  And let me tell you it’s really starting to annoy the shit out of me.

So, why am I in hell, you ask.  Let me tell you why.  I think I could make a list…

  1. The heartburn.  Is so unbelievably ridiculous that I sometime spontaneously throw up in my mouth.  I’m NOT joking.  And anything and everything will give me heartburn.  Including an empty stomach.  And water.
  2. Oh my aching back.  Sleep is so fun.  One hour on left side, back ache on the right side.  Flip over.  One hour on right side, back ache on left side.  Stop, heeeeeeeeave ho out of bed to pee and start again!
  3. Belly ache.  So not only do I have braxton hicks if I do just about anything for too long, but my belly literally feels like it’s going to give way.  And any pants, including underpants irritate me.  The muscles actually hurt from having anything touching them.  Totally annoying.  Not to mention how sensitive my belly is if I just bump it up against the kitchen counter or if Jack does a flying leap across the room onto my belly.  Which seems to be a new game with him these days.  I flinch every time he walks by me because I never know when the kid is going to pounce on me.
  4. I just can’t describe this one in one word.  I was walking down a somewhat steep hill the other day, at Jack’s school, and all of a sudden I felt like the baby was so low that I had to walk with my legs further apart.  Not a comfortable feeling.  It comes and goes and I’m hoping it actually means that the baby is low or has dropped (or whatever), unlike at my last appointment when I told my OB that he felt like he must be really low and she said that he wasn’t.  At all.
  5. Lastly, which I’m fairly certain is not accurate, I just can’t come up with anything else right this second and I’m getting tired of sitting in this position.  Anyway, yeah, so I seem to be coming down with something.  But I refuse to admit to being “sick” because it is just so ridiculously unfair that you can even get sick at 400 months pregnant.  The main symptom… a cough.  A nice, hearty, shake your whole body, and use all of your abdominal muscles at once, coughing up a lung kind of cough.  So the belly ache in combination with the cough.  Awesome.

On a positive note, I haven’t been constipated in a whole week!  Yeah, so as you can see I’m enjoying this pregnancy tremendously, these days.  I was planning on waiting until after my doctor’s appointment tomorrow to update you all on my status, but I just couldn’t wait to get it all out of my system.

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I’m feeling listy… and I have plenty to update.  Here’s what’s been going on…

  1. The transition to the big boy bed is underway!  And let me tell you, it’s been quite a picnic.  Days one and two were straight out of a fairytale.  About a week prior to when I was planning on moving him over, he randomly told Daddy he was scared of a shadow in his crib and wanted to sleep in the big boy bed.  Ok.  Done.  And snap, just like that, the kid was sleeping AND napping in the big boy bed.  Then about two days later, everything went all haywire.  The going to sleep part isn’t quite so bad now (knock on wood)… it pretty much involves gating him into the room, where he stands and talks and/or reads until he passes out on the carpet.  Whatever.  The fun part is the waking at 5am, and he’s screaming that he wants the light on or off/the door open or closed/that he wants Daddy or Mommy or Ralphie or Bear or Yellow Hat Daddy (don’t ask)/that there’s a spooky shadow/help, help help! I’m stuck (between the door and gate that he’s shutting on himself)/or, my very favorite, there’s a TIGER!  Funfunfun!!  But seriously, it’s been so long since we’ve had an issue like this… we’ve been pretty lucky overall with Jack’s sleeping.  So we’re sticking to our methods and trying to have a sense of humor about the whole situation.  And trust me, even though it was 5:30am and the kid was screaming.  The stuff coming out of his mouth… I mean seriously, a tiger?  We couldn’t help but lay there and laugh our asses off.
  2. Preschool is going well.  That first day, without Mommy, was tough (for both of us).  And he did his fair share of crying.  Fortunately for me, they had me mixed up with another mom (don’t ask because I still have no idea how it happened), so they were giving her the play by play – telling her how her kid was freaking out, for about a half hour etc., while she waited out front, biting her nails.  Finally once he stopped, they figured out that she wasn’t his mom, so they decided not to call me and tell me (and most likely ruin the rest of “my” time) that he was crying.  So I heard the whole story, once I picked him up and was very glad I didn’t know, because I really enjoyed my time away, once I quit crying.  The second day, sans mommy was much better with only about 3 minutes of screaming and today he was finished crying before I even left.  And he’s loving it.  I’m sure he is too, because every time I pick him up he’s absolutely filthy, covered in paint, has a sandbox in his shoes, and today he smelled like a Christmas tree (hmmm… I still haven’t figured that one out yet).
  3. The house.  Is coming together.  I’ve pretty much got the paint colors figured out – which is good because most of the rooms are resembling a form of camoflauge these days, with all of the sample spots throughout.  Hey, better safe than sorry.  We learned the hard way at the last house.  It’s still a bit chaotic around here with people coming and going constantly, but it’s starting to slow down a bit.  And I’m getting a little used to random strangers walking around the yard/waving into the windows from ladders/under and on top of the house banging around.  It’s a bit reminiscent of The Money Pit (one of the funniest movies ever).
  4. The nursery!  Oh man, I’m so fired up.  I finally decided on bedding… I ended up mixing and matching a few pieces from Potterybarn Kids and Serena & Lily.  I still have to frame the pictures and figure out material for curtains and the rocker cushion covers.  But once I have that done and it’s painted, we’ll be ready for baby.  All the rest of the gear is ready to go.  The “coming home outfit” has been purchased, and the rest of all the teeny tiny little clothes have been washed and folded (well, I still have a load in the dryer waiting for me) and are in their drawers.  Woo Hoo!!  So, we’re getting there… not long now! 

Ok, that’s it.  I’ll post photos of the nursery as soon as it’s done!  Have a great week!!

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Baby Thomas!!

Our good friends Tom and Meredith had a beautiful baby boy on Monday!  E, Jack, and I had the pleasure of meeting him today.  He is so sweet and adorable and I love him so much already.  And now I absolutely cannot wait to meet this little turkey in my belly!!

Congratulations, Tom & Meredith!!  We are so happy for you both!!

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So, I have to admit, it went quite well.  No crying from anyone.  But, honestly, if there were any crying it would have been absolutely pathetic because we didn’t even leave him.  The first couple of classes we get to come along (and I say we because Daddy joined us for the first day today) to help with the separation anxiety.  It won’t be until next week that I’m pathetic and sobbing over having to leave my baby for his first  third day of school.  Here are a few pictures from the big day.

my little ham sandwich

my little ham sandwich

Exciting!!  Time for school!!

Exciting!! Time for school!!

Someone was not very enthused about having to pose for more pictures while everyone else gets to go inside to SCHOOL!!

Someone was not very enthused about having to pose for more pictures while everyone else was going inside to SCHOOL!!

Somebody loved all of the girly toys.  Specifically a fake brownie, which he referred to as CAKE!

Somebody loved all of the girly toys. Specifically a fake brownie, which he referred to as CAKE!

In other news…

The beach was great!!  And we were so glad we went.  Just what we needed.

The beach was great!! And we were so glad we went. Just what we needed.

Oh yeah, and I'm 32 weeks!  Holy crap batman!  The time is flying.  And seriously, I had a growth spurt last night.  Talk about POP!

Oh yeah, and I'm 32 weeks! Seriously, I had a growth spurt last night. Talk about POP!


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